Guild of Technomancers Project DIVINE ANGEL Research Log No. 18.257.84

As part of Project: METATRON, DIVINE ANGEL is a sub-project that is testing how Metatronic Interfaces can be built into armor. There is currently one prototype which is a platemail suit of armor made of adamantium and is owned by Sir. Lancelot Williams. His father asked us to help him be less of a coward and thus we "volunteered" him as a test subject for this project. Yes, we are using a cowardly knight as a lab rat.

The Metatronic Interface is inside the helmet and attaches to the subject's mind using a neuralnet array which makes contact with the subject's head when worn. Once worn, the interface verifies the identity of the wearer and if verification succeeds, the interface activates the Augmented Reality To Skull and Voice To Skull magi-tech spells. The voice of Project: METATRON director Raffaello Urbani greets the wearer. If the identity verification fails, then it just acts as a regular suit of armor.

The platemail suit is also lined with sensors that monitor biofeedback and vital signs. These sensors are directly connected to the Metatronic Interface using nanotube cables. The data from the sensors is then transmitted back to the AI and analyzed in real-time after which, feedback plus advice is given to the subject.

Due to the primary personality of the AI, it will often offer unsolicited advice when it feels it is needed. This has proven to annoy the subject a little. However this annoyance is not severe enough to hinder the subject's ability to function normally and in combat.--

Guild of Technomancers Project DIVINE ANGEL Research Log No. 18.257.85

We are sending the subject into battle today. Remote diagnostic monitoring will be active during this time to collect information on how the suit and magi-tech components hold up to field wear and tear. Also the AI data mirroring function will be active too so we can see what he sees and hear what he hears. This will all be stored in the Project: METATRON Data Archive Facility.

Due to the advanced materials we used to construct the suit of armor, there should be no issues with any of the components breaking. We will also see if this improves the subject's confidence in battle any as well. He will be fighting alongside a group of 9 errant knights in retaking one of our hackerspaces from a group of bandits calling themselves the "Red Wolf Gang".--

Guild of Technomancers Project DIVINE ANGEL Research Log No. 18.257.86

The hackerspace was taken back successfully from the bandits. Going over the diagnostic data, the suit, despite taking quite a few blows from a blade and clubs, held up nicely. It even deflected the bolts fired by one of the bandits. The exposure to dirt and other elements did not affect the magi-tech components at all. This means that the materials we used are rugged enough for field use.

The AI worked like a charm and was able to convey the required information to act as an effective combat guide. The subject's confidence showed a significant increase with the use of DIVINE ANGEL. We are going to prepare a few more prototypes using different armor materials.--

Guild of Technomancers Project DIVINE ANGEL Research Log No. 18.257.87

The test subject is going to be fighting in mounted combat using sword and shield on horseback. He has been challenged by another knight who has been wanting to duel the subject ever since he heard rumors that he was a coward. This will be a 1v1 battle in the tourney arena.

All diagnostic data will be fed back to us along data mirroring. We asked the subject how he feels about this duel. He said that with METATRON he feels like he has a fighting chance. This is very good to hear. Our report back to his father will be very positive if this turns out to be true.--

Guild of Technomancers Project DIVINE ANGEL Research Log No. 18.257.88

The subject won the duel. METATRON was tracking his movements in the saddle and had to help him adjust his posture since it was less then optimal for mounted combat. It is clear that he will need to be trained for mounted combat. That can be arranged with the Master at Arms.

His father was proud of the progress he has made and is confident he will be able to answer the call to battle when and if it comes. We are confident too. There was a small scratch on the armor due to the extra force the horses provided to the opponent's sword strike on the first pass. However the subject managed to use his shield to block the opponent's attack and knocked him off his horse with a quick bash to the side on the second pass. That was how victory was claimed.--

Guild of Technomancers Project DIVINE ANGEL Research Log No. 18.257.89

The subject has signed up for the annual tournament. He choose to compete in the melee events. He will be fighting against Sir. Roderic Ramsey in a 1v1 duel using sword and shield on foot for the qualifying round. After which is the Team Battle and the Melee Champion Fight. We will be once again monitoring his data feed and diagnostic information during this melee contest.

According to the profile METATRON has made on this man, there is a 65% chance the subject will be victorious. This is due to the fact Sir. Roderic has this bad habit of telegraphing his attacks though this is very subtle. We are sure METATRON will point this out to the subject during the fight.--

Guild of Technomancers Project DIVINE ANGEL Research Log No. 18.257.90

The subject won his duel and will now go on to the team battle. This fight was rather interesting as METATRON not only pointed out the telegraphs of the opponents attacks but also a brief window in which he could be thrown off balance. The subject decided to dodge the attack and then grapple the opponent and wrestle him to the ground. The subject pulled the opponent's helmet off and pointed his sword at the throat, thus securing victory.

We honestly were not expecting that. We were expecting him to parry and counter his attacks. It just shows how much we miss when watching these fights.--

Guild of Technomancers Project DIVINE ANGEL Research Log No. 18.257.91

The subject did impressive during the Team Battle. It seems with the help of METATRON he was able to take the lead and successfully direct his fellow teammates to secure the victory for them. His father said this is the first time he has seen him take the initiative in this way.

It seems that DIVINE ANGEL is working as intended. The next few prototypes have been decided upon. One will be leather and hide armor, another full plate armor, and the third new one will be dragonscale armor. The crafting of them is underway. We are going to evaluate the possible candidates for test subjects to use them soon.--

Guild of Technomancers Project DIVINE ANGEL Research Log No. 18.257.92

It is time for the battle against the Melee Champion. METATRON has already informed us on who that current champion is. It is a veteran knight named Sir Björn Weschler and he wields a Zweihänder in combat. His armor is enchanted with a combat enhancing spell that improves two-handed wielding. An evaluation and strategy profile is being compiled and pushed to the subject as we speak.

We will follow up on this with another log. An unusual turn of events has caused his father to be seated with the Royal Family. It appears the King has taken an interest in the subject's new found courage. I guess he heard the rumors of his cowardice as well. This could pose a problem should the system fail now. But we are confident that this will not happen.--

Guild of Technomancers Project DIVINE ANGEL Research Log No. 18.257.93

That was a really challenging fight. But the subject was victorious and is now the new Melee Champion! His family has never been so happy for him. What made this so complicated was that METATRON needed additional data to effectively develop a winning strategy.

This required the subject to prolong the fight for at least 60 seconds. This resulted in some unusual dodges and evasive moves to avoid his attacks. But once that was done, METATRON figured out Björn Weschler's weakness. It was the unconventional movements he made in his attacks that were slightly modified from a specific fighting style.

However, it just so happened that this actually made it easier for the fighting style that the subject practiced in to be much more effective. METATRON pointed this out and showed how to exploit the flaws in the opponent's technique and the subject was able to successfully target an unusual vulnerability in the knees. One of the guild members called it a Zero Day Exploit for combat. It was likely that Björn Weschler had no idea he was leaving this opening at the end of his strikes.

This is pretty much all we do for field testing this particular suit of the DIVINE ANGEL armor project. We will need to wait for a major skirmish for the next phase of testing.--

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