"Greetings Noble Ones, I am Raffaello Urbani the inventor and director of the Guild of Technomancers Project: METATRON."

The Guild of Technomancers has extensive knowledge in the art of technomancy and other related fields. However when it comes to military history, tactics, and the art of war in general, the guild is relatively lacking. One of the guild's main experts in this particular subject, Raffaello Urbani, wanted to change this. So he invented a massive research project that he dubbed "METATRON" which is the same as his GuildNet username.

Project: METATRON serves to analyze, collect, and archive all known knowledge on the art of war, weapons and armor crafting, weapons usage, military history and tactics, and all related fields. This is an intergalactic project who main headquarters is located on the Planet Aether. A place where two powerful technomancer civilizations once worked together.

Raffaello Urbani is the director of Project: METATRON and oversees all of the operations and related sub-projects. Other guild members working in Project: METATRON are not known except by their GuildNet usernames: Skallagrim, ScholaGladiatoria, Master@Arms, and Shadiversity. These members are part of the main admins of the project along with a few others.

Some of the sub-projects under this program exist under the codenames: DIVINE ANGEL, IRON VIKING, METATRONS CUBE, WIKI SOURCE, NOBLE ONES, QUICK KILL, HOLMGANG, and VANGUARD.

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