Special Equipment:

Chains ending in sharp talons wound around his belt used as grappling hooks.


Simon is a man in his early thirties. His hair is black, but is prematurely speckled with white. He has a black patch over his left eye. He is very handsome nonetheless, and is very well liked by women. The feeling is mutual.

He is constantly grinning, showing off perfect teeth, and is as jovial and flamboyant a man as a person could ever meet. He enjoys wine greatly, and prefers silk sheets. He claims to never have slept in the same bed twice, and there is likely some credibility to this claim.


Few know much more about Simon than the location of his inn room, and he has never been known to disclose his past. His suave and sophistication suggests that he is from nobility, so how he evolved into one of the most effective mercenaries in the land is completely a mystery to all but himself.

In fact, he was born into a semi-noble house. He conversed his way into the parties, businesses, and bedrooms of the court at a fairly early age. His abilities with sword and tongue gained him a place in the kings personal service, and he was mainly used as an operative. Many of his swashbuckling and exciting adventures in the service of the throne became legendary in the court, and he was quickly becoming one of the most popular and royally favored men in the nobility.

His favor ran out, though, when he discovered a conspiracy by the king to rid the country of the dukes he disliked. In the process of warning these dukes, he 'accidentally' found himself in bed with a duchess. At this point, he was hunted by both sides of the kingdom's power struggle, and 'took his leave' of the court. He put his skills to good use throughout the continent, though, as a mercenary, and prefers missions to gather information or to persuade someone to a certain side. He rarely, if ever, accepts assassination contracts. When or why he lost his eye is not know. Many wonder whether or not he is really even missing his left eye.

He is highly sought out by employers because, not only does he perform tasks expertly, but does them with style. His high-life tastes carry over into his work, so jobs are carried out with sophistication, grace, style, and, when possible, humor.

A master of disguise, the man can fit in anywhere, with any group of people. He talks so much, he has become an expert in the field, and therefore can reflect nearly any accent or vocal pattern.

His speech skills are legendary. He can sweet talk five women, haggle down an innkeep's prices, convince a sorcerer that he is 'the famous one-eyed archmage', and negotiate the intricities and payment of a job with an employer, all seemingly simultaniously. He thinks he can talk anyone into anything, and in most cases, this is true.

Even through all of this, he is an excellent swordsman, though he prefers the term 'swashbuckler.' His fighting is accented with spins and flourishes, and he uses the fact that foes often underestimate him to his advantage.

(For more information on Simon, visit http://www.geocities.com/essus632/home.html)

Roleplaying Notes:

Simon talks fluidly, confidently, and constantly. He is a joy to have around for those who crave conversation or tales, and a undefeatable pest to those that crave silence.

Simon could be used as a source of information, a hired hand, and is usually going to be found involved in the goings on of the local area.

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