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Short History: A small group of high elves, disgruntled with the old ways, traveled north to the North Settlement. They made a home with the dwarven and gnomish tribe, the Dunazable, and soon were interbreeding. The children of the Dunazable and warrior High Elves soon became known as the Effin, long living, small, fine boned warriors capable of incredible berserk rages in battle.

Apperances: Effin are generally about five feet tall, naturally skinny, with fine features, such as high cheekbones, long limbs, and delicate looking fingers. They are proportioned as a tall man might be, with long legs and arms, and short torsos. Their faces have a sallow appearance, with overly large eyes, and somewhat sunken features. But the Red Elves have super dense bone structures, and are incredibly hardy. They lack endurance, so most of their fighting is done in quick, insane bursts. They are like cats (A choice animal companion of the Effin), taking lost of naps, and eating lots of food to keep their energy reserves high.

Specialities: Effin are often known as Red Elves, because of their warrior natures intermixed with magical prowess. They specialize in heavy weapons, such as two handed swords, halberds, maces, crossbows, and the like, but wear light armor. It's rare to see an Effin pure-mage, but all Effin have some degree of magical skill, and all are trained to harness that skill to the fullest in battle.

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