Forged by men in an age of darkness where evil ruled the lands, it was used by the champion of men to shine light on to the battle field when there was little light.

It was Made from the jewelery of many Orc Chieftans, gathered from many battles. The steel melted down, it is shaped into a small sun (a round center and rays comeing out from edges) and very reflective in the center., There are peaceful animals engraved along the edges, the sun shining down on them from the top of the sheild, showing them light that was so sparse in those times.

When the champion of men was slain and the battle was over, the brown wizard Radagast walked across the battle field and found the slain champion, dead but still holding the shield tightly. Radagast then took the sheild to his cave dwelling to enchant it to destroy the tools of war and bring peace to the land. Deep in the cave there was an underground lake, Radagast tossed the sheild into the lake, he then raised his arms and shouted out a spell, fire ran up his arms to his hands and a fire ball shot from his fingers, the fire rushed through the air and punched a hole in the cave roof, light came through the hole and shone on the sheild.

Radagast left the sheild, hopeing that one day a brave being would find it, years and years past and the lake got deeper and deeper, and the sheild is still there to this day.

Magical Properties:

If a weapon intended to harm the wearer of the sheild is seen in the sheilds reflection the weapon will instantly turn to dust and blow away, however this is not effective againts missile and magic, but can also light up dark places and can blind the evilest of creatures if used by the kindest soul.

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