Special Equipment:

The Blade of Anawaith, a sword who's making is shroaded in mystery, the Ranger Lords of the Guild of Anawaith say that it was given to them by the Swordsmith Lords, people who were master of twisting magic to steel
He has a black composite long bow and a quiver with very sharp heads.
A long hunting knife that he primarily uses as a throwing weapon


He usually wears a fitting black tunic or ash grey comfortably fitting him; he wears black pants or ash grey pants; over that he wears tight brigandine leather armour and white fur ankle length boots. He wears a dark green cloak with the hood usually up and when he shows his face it is usally cool and calm, soothing a women who sees it.
He is about 5'11, with his hair ending at shoulder length and lets it hand, his hair being a dark blond, shining when the rays of the sun hit it. His face sharp and elvish with his ears pointed and his body slim but well toned. His eyes are round and show always poundering, those emerald orbs of his.


His childhood life is hazy, no one knows. He was found on the doorsteps of a Ranger Guild Anarwaith, raised by the Elder and there raised as one to be great. When he was old enough he left the guild, a solitary figure he was a mercenary for a while fighting border wars and soon legend grew around him, of his skills and abilities, he never lost a battle, always leading his men to victory, but never accepting friends, people fought to have him on his side, but soon the legends of him were enhanced, people thinking him a god whereas he wasn't. Soon he had powerful enemies and no friends, but none could kill him, getting past every obstacle in his way, he was honored and praised and hated. The Sentinel has always been modest on his skills, and he hides behind the mask of his fame, no one seeing the true him.

The True History is known by no one, save the Seeing Gods and Demons. Sentinel was not born he was made. Once ago The God of Elementals, Athen, was maimed and almost destoryed by his fellow gods for having used the elementals as a driving army in their Godly affairs, having fallen to earth he came a young women and in his need to survive put his power and soul into the elf-girl's womb, for she so happened to be pregnant by the Prince of Abasil. The baby was born Damien Mordred to Wood elves and part of the Royal Family of Abasil, and Damien was heir to the throne while his father was king.

Demons seeing their chance, sensing that great and terrible change would happen to them if Damien was allowed to love, flooded into the place and killed everyone inside, except Damien, who was hidden by his mother in a cupboard. As the demons left the room a strong wind came and appeared a powerful druid who was told by the elementals that this would happen. Finding the baby he fled east.

Damien Mordred is his name in the common language, but his elvish name is Elassar Anwanamane, meaning "Light of the West." For the High Seer of Abasil, Conan Highblade, saw that when Damien became king he would bring enlightenment to his people.

Sentinel's training was beyond brutal and harsh, but Sentinel would make it even harder on himself, working harder and longer then most of the other rangers. At day was training and like his ancestors, he was extremely well with the longbow, but somehow found himself in love with the blade. At dusk when practic ended he would learn philosphy and magic from the Elder of Anawaith.

At this point, when Sentinel was in his youth of adolesence he learned he had inate magic, but not as powerful as his biological father's magic. He could do minimal healing to cuts and small gashes by merest touch and could hear and feel beasts around him. He grew popwerful with empath powers and could very soon control animals. His favoriate is his hawk, Soren, who is able to send messages to him from the guild and bring messages to the guild. He has even taught his bird to be able to look out for him ahead and so he and his hawk become one-to-one, their minds linked.

Sentinel's personality is confusing, but one word to sum him up is moody. Very, very moody. He is very volatile and unpredictable and loves to trick his enemies by being so seeing pleasure in it. He sees himself as a person cast adrift into the wide and world and has many times of feeling small and insignifigant. His personality doesn't help him when to be a required, that he must be confident and trusting. Sentinel is neither.

Sentinel is currently a council member of the city of Elimirth, having made it on due to his place in the Anawaith Guild as a Ranger Lord. But due to his rustic behavior, he is rarely in Anfalas and appoints people to due his job there. Being a concil member though, does have its advantages for he is wealthy and has many homes built all over Anfalas if things go ill for him, safe houses where servants live and work and are paid through Sentinel's spies who run across the realms for him.

Roleplaying Notes:

Minimim Healing

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