A Dwarven Archery Unit is not a bow using unit, it is a seige weapon unit, specializing in ballistas and crossbows. The unit not only can build them (either from local materials or from previously made parts), but they can shoot them with deadly accuracy.

The Scorpio's Spawn will join a force with three to ten teams of six. One Surveyor (Captain) for each team, one Teamster (who handles all the transport), three Aims-men (which serve as weapon crew and construction), and one Supporter (handles most of the supplies and the day to day of the team and is crew wagon teamster). Each team will bring two wagons, one carrying a partially disassembled ballista, some spare parts, and one hundred bolts, the other the crew and equipment. The crew carts, driven by supporters, are marvels. These covered wagons protect crew and equipment from sun and rain, hail and wind, and it could be closed off entirely by drawstrings on each end. The big wheels rolled easily over the bumps and hole of the rough trails, and wide rims kept the wagons from sinking into the soft ground. The wagon's 10 - by 3 1/2 foot- body could take a load of a ton or so. The lighter the wagon, the less likely it was to bog down in muddy areas or stream-banks. There is not much room inside the wagon, and in decent weather crew cooks, eats, and sleeps outside. (Think small Conestoga wagon). In fact, the unit has a strong side business selling these (expensive) wagons to other armies and mercenary companies. Some merchants are experimenting with them as well.

A weapons wagon has special mountings in the bed, so a ballista can be properly sit and be fired from it. Unlike most siege units, Scorpio's Spawn are a precision strike unit. Their ballistas are frequently used as 'sniper weapons' picking people off walls who arrogantly do not cower behind the crenulation. They can place a bolt almost anywhere possible. They are often shot off and over the wall to take out those on a street. However, they have been known to shoot cathedral bells (in the tower), through palace windows, and other feats of impressive marksmanship. Sure they often miss, but the successes are spectacular.

In most cases, someone from the Units has mapped the city passably well. Usually teams of Scorpions do this duty in the 'off season' when they travel. (and they get paid for each map). This allows them to line up shots and shoot them down streets for maximum effect.

If properly prepared, they can do their legendary (and tricky) chain shot. This requires two ballistas and a link of chain between them. This can be used to do massive damage to light structures, or to take out a swath of charging soldiers. This is the only unit known to do this on a regular basis.

The Horses are often kept tethered near the weapons. So when there is a chance of break, they will hook up the wagons and pull them to the rear. Usually they will cover their retreat with crossbow fire.

Scorpio's crews will build catapults if materials are present and they have the time, but they find the weapon inelegant.

The Company can also field Crossbowmen. Most of the team will often join battles when their ballistas will do little good as crossbowmen.

Scorpio's Spawn was founded nearly two hundred years ago by a set of Dwarven soldiers attached to the Lord King's Army. The Army was set at siege with no end in site. Unable to tunnel under the walls due to local soil conditions, the Dwarves fumed at the inactivity. Utilizing their superior engineering skills, they created ballista to take out targets. Also applying their engineering skills they were able to calculate angles of launch to put these bolts in amazing places.

While they did not break the siege, they did help to break the defenders faster.

Many of the more curious humans hung about the Dwarves. They helped them create more ballistas and learned how to plan shots.

As the Army moved on, the Lord in charge gave the Dwarves some additional gold to do the same at the next siege, planned for a few weeks. The Dwarves, smelling a profit to be had, began the ground work for creating a company of ballista men.

The Company has be running for nearly 200 hundred years now. It's camp in the Nordforth mountains has become a Dwarven Keep with a Human town above it. Here, they make Carts, Ballistas, and Bolts to serve for the next few campaigns. They also make excellent surveying equipment in the Underkeep. All of these things, as well as crews are available at a price.

The price for all of it is quite steep. So steep in fact that most will not hire them (or buy their quality products), despite their noted levels of success. Many regulars, as well as other companies, have great animosity against them... as they feel the money could be spent to buy more useful troops.

Note: A ballista looks like a scorpion. Scorpio being the related astrological sign. The translation from the Dwarven to the Human came out as Spawn.

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