A Satyrian is a bipedal with the appearance commonly recognized from the more commonly known Satyr.

She is commonly seen as a female, due to her effeminate to feline features While the Satyr has two goat horns, she has just the one pointed two to five inches long horn on her forehead. She has a tail associated with the type as well.

There are several less well known subspecies or races of the Satyrian. Her features are recognized from the features of Cats, Horses, Deers, Goats and Bulls. The characteristic fur can be seen from the waist down.

A common trait of all Satyrians is the long, slender fingers, on which pads cover the entire tip of each finger from the final joint, with the exception of the front covered by a clear, shiny and semi square nail that commonly is about an inch in total length.

She keeps her fur healthily glossy and if applicable her hooves smooth and shiny.

While she commonly lives is a small cottage, either alone or with her family; she does prefer to spend her time outdoor in the free air. If prevented to go out for long, she will get aggravated and angsty. Once the first is starting to show, she is certainly not the most pleasant person to be around. You may rather make up your mind, either help her out or be scares as hell.

Satyrians love to perform art and is well known to dig in and give themselves fully to the spirit of the art of their choice. Naturally, the talent will blossom once permitted free rein.

While she may feel queasy about the concept, she is still fully capable of mounting a Horse and ride with more than the average skill. If she is to ride, she would prefer bareback riding if possible.

She is celebrating the Full moon, the summer and winter Solstices. 'Eat, drink and be merry'; is the motto for her, and on her special holidays, this is even more true than the rest of the year. Of course Harvest is another very dear and important time to her.

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