This is the central point for all the general information about Kerren not held in another submission, including the miscellaneous elements.

The most important section is the Encyclopedia Kerrenica. It hold a great deal of basic information and the specialized words found in Kerren.

The Next Segment will be the working timeline for the Colony.

Additional information is to be added along the way.

Encyclopedia Kerrenica
Ryder Honor Code
Preserver Thought

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General TimeLine

This, like the Encyclopedia, are forever works in progress.

Insert several centuries from now to then.

Landing -10 to 20 Years: A grey goo event occurs as nano tech wipes out a major urban archology in the MidCentral sectors. Other technical tragedies happen in quick order.

Landing -10 Years: Preserver thought begins to become a movement. Not quite a religion as religions are so archaic, but a school of philosophical outlook.

Landing -7 Years: A Network of Preservers in the Northern Archologies incorporate to create a colony.

Landing -3 Years: Construction begins on The Hope.

Landing -3 Years: Scout Ship YYV211 explore Kerros Star System. The ship is plagued by difficulties. They do a 89 day survey instead of the normal 100.

Landing -2 Years: Scott Ship YY211 has a warp mishap and loses structural integrety. The ship had been acting wierd since visiting Keros. Data of the last two Surveys are recovered.

Landing -1 Year: Construction Ends on the Hope. After some financial difficulties, The Hope Network finally takes control of the ship and buys the charter for a new colony planet.

Landing -9 Months: Launch

Landing -2 Months: Onterio Born


Landing +1 Day - First Landing Day celebration

Landing: +3 Days - first colonist death.

Landing +120 Days - SiteBee set begun

Landing +400 Days - SiteCee set up

Landing +2 years - Electric Fence Fiasco - The last of the Domestic Mammals are eaten.

Landing +3 Years Plague - Kerrenese Flu

Loss of the 'Guides'/Priests and the Teachers. The Healer's staff takes over those jobs.

Landing +3.5 Year - 'Bugs' saves the colony. 'Bugs' is now the word for the Smartest Guy around

Landing +6 Years - Serious Notice of Grey Lands

Landing +6 Years - The Plague revisits

Landing +13 Years - Onterio first befriends a Dragon

Landing +13.5 Years - Onterio becomes first Ryder

Landing +13.5 years - Onterio helps others become Ryders

Landing +13.7 years - First Zhan Storm over FirstDown. The First Ryder Strike

Landing +15 Years - First Warren Created.

Landing +35 Years - Last Hoover is down in an survey accident.

Today Landing +280 years Yes, I have a lot of historical notes to write. However much of the 'middle part' is of little consequences, having no true historical impact. There are things that the GM will need to do for their campaign. They are:

Installing of the Current High Warden

Winners of the last three Grand Tourneys

Installing of the Game's Current Warden

The Last Time the Warren got far in the Tourneys

Last Big 'Things' or two (Giant animal attacks, Big Zhan storm, Hurricanes, etc).

These will need dates and details about what happened.