Full Item Description

This rod is about a foot long and about 2 inches in diameter. It's made from a unique mixture of gold, silver and another as yet unidentified metal. There are no gems or elaborate decorations. It has a grip on one end where it appears as if the rod was twisted round many times. The other end flares out slightly, much like a trumpet.


The creation of the Rod of Rod Control came about when an eccentric, but brilliant, wizard named Tritio Utho needed a tool to test the other rods of power he had created. Rather than risk his own life and limbs he decided that if he could create a trigger device to activate the rods it would be much simpler than having to hire a servant and end up explaining to their family just what had gone wrong. It took many months of research and experimentation to finally come up with a formula for him to try. Tritio, of course, kept meticulous notes in one of his many, many journals.

The metal was finally cool to the touch when pounding and shouting at his front door demanded his attention. Believing it to be one of the local villagers, Tritio angrily threw open the door and was instantly beheaded by a large man with a large sword. The large man was part of a mercenary squad who having been given false directions believed they were at the hideout of a notorious wizard who had done some awful things to the people of the lands to the south. They took the head for the bounty and everything the perceived to be valuable, including the Rod of Rod Control, and then torched the building.

The rod would have disappeared from memory if not for a young aspiring wizard, Jus DeArzo, waylaid in the village close to Tritio's burned out ruin, came across one of the few surviving journals in the local sundry store. It seems the smoke from the blaze drew the attention of the locals and they went to investigate. They buried the charred bones of Tritio in an unmarked paupers grave then helped themselves to anything that wasn't destroyed. Among them was the owner of the sundry store.

Jus only realized what he had in his possession after almost a week of using the scorched pages as toilet paper. The journal he possessed was the same one Tritio kept his notes on the rod in. It's in extremely poor condition and many parts are completely illegible. The formula used in the creation is spread out over many pages and is almost 80% missing. The general description of the rod's shape, color and size has survived as well as one of the most vital components, the trigger word to activate the rod.

At first, Jus freely shared his knowledge which peaked the interest of many others. A search for the Rod of Rod Control is on for those hoping to unlock the secret of it's creation. Since then, Jus has remained tight lipped and guards the journal fiercely.

Alas, the Rod of Rod Control's current location is unknown. It's out there somewhere, just waiting to be found.

What happened to the Rod

It was fenced by a black market dealer who helped the mercs finance their operation. It has traded hands several times since then. It's simple appearance has kept it from drawing much attention other than as a trinket.

I leave it's current whereabouts up to the GMs. It should be in the home of someone rich enough to afford such a thing, such as a wealthy merchant or a prosperous mayor.

Magic/Cursed Properties

This rod may or may not have the ability to control other rods. Tritio never actually got a chance to test it out but none of that is apparent from his journal. I leave this entirely up to you.

If it does work, it effectively allows the welder to activate the magical properties of any rod that they can see, regardless of whether they know what it can do or not. If the rod being controlled must be physically touched to receive it's benefits then only the welder will receive said benefits. The Rod of Rod Control does not mimic abilities, only activate them. For example, if a rod has the ability to shoot a fireball, when activated it will do so in whatever direction it happens to be facing. Caution is advised.

Activation of the rod requires knowledge of the trigger word which requires Tritio's journal. The trigger word is 'clear'.

If it doesn't work... well... maybe it does something very nasty instead.

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