Full Item Description
A normal black riding crop with some red thread woven into the handle, making it distinctive and quite handsome.

Magic/Cursed Properties
The item only works when being tucked under the arm, or in hand. It is primarily an object for men. When a man holding it, he seems more handsome than he is. Everyone feels his commanding presence and in many cases feels slightly inferior to him. This gives him an edge in dealing with people. Sometimes the weak willed or those of low self esteem will automatically follow his commands.

This feeling translates into pluses to charisma related abilities and skills, as everyone feels slightly inferior to him (minor minuses to charm or mind control to a spell saves against him if holding the crop). if the crop is used in the command (like 'sit', swatting the chair or the person), then additional bonuses are added.

This is a cunning item. It is uncommon, even in the magic teachings of the Evil Cults. Some trades souls for it, others learn the spells related to it. The form might vary some, but it is always an item of direction (a maestro's baton, a lion tamer's whip, etc).

If a female finds the crop in her regular possession, a few things occur. She initially appears more beautiful because of her commanding presence. That illusion slowly wears off as she who wields it becomes overly dominating, excessively loud and demanding, and more forward than is socially acceptable. With continued usage, she will physically change.. getting more athletic, but taking on more handsome, than beautiful look. Of course, the commanding presence grants all the bonuses it does to a man.

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