Full Item Description
A subtle, and effective improvement to the standard gravitic shielding common throughout the Starkin Federation, few but Kir Ironspirit and his apprentices have the ability to implement this shielding.

The majority of energy weapons have a characteristic frequency, brought on by cavity used to collimate the various force-carrying particles which are shortly to be brought to bear on the target. As these weapons strike the Resonance Shielding, the shield generators give out faint gravitic pulses, along the same frequency that they are struck at. Typically, these pulses resonate within the collimation chambers of the weapons that are fired at it, effectively destroying them through the feedback loop, much like the diva who shatters a glass with her voice. Unfortunately, this shielding provides no additional protection against missile based weapons.

As the value of his services, and indeed, the bounties upon his head grew, Kir Ironspirit knew that he would need a way to defend himself, and his slowly growing family, from harm. And so, upon the ship that they found themselves living in, not entirely unlike a Salvorathan clan, he began to make certain improvements.

This, he came upon when he dreamed of the image of a sword breaking against a peculiar shield, and struck by inspiration, he rose in the middle of the night, slipping away into the engineering sectors in his nightclothes, and beginning the job of tinkering, before it could escape him. Before morning, he was finished, and found snoozing beneath the shielding generators, with only the faintest memory of what he had accomplished the night before.

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