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August 1, 2015, 4:16 pm

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Religious Orders of Hewdamia


The priest’s ability of prayer as well as their divine spells comes not from themselves, but from their Deity. Because of this, very few abilities are personal to the priest as all others who have chosen this path or had it chosen for them. Even so, while most of their prayers and divine spells will be the same, there will be a few differences or a few different abilities depending on the deity that the priest worships. This is the codex of the religious followers of Hewdamia.

The religious higherarchy is all broken down into seven distinct titles. These are as follows.


For each new rank achieved, the priest receives a new title in certain circumstances. When they reach a certain level of knowledge and skill however, they will continue to hold the title of Pastor until raised to that of a Bishop by their superiors. The same is done with the title of Archbishop (Primate) Prelate, and the Pontiff. Only one Pontiff will be named at a time and only ten Prelates may be named at one time. There are only five Archbishops (Primates) holding title at any given time as well. Bishops have no set number of available slots.

Deacons are still young and fresh into their studies and are always still students. Priests have completed their initial studies of the church and are now allowed to hold service in small temples as well as assist Pastors in their clerical duties at larger churches. Pastors are usually a few years into their time spent with the church and have duties in charge over the larger churches in the larger cities. Bishops have been given the sole duties of teaching others in their time spent within the church. They also are known to teach in the academies various studies of expertise. They are also known as the law enforcement group of the church, dealing out justice relating to the church. The Primates are in charge of larger areas of the church and have broken them down into zones of influence; there are only five of these in office at one time. The Prelates are only ten in service in the main church in the central church. They are advisers to the Pontiff and the administrators to the church. They are the only group who elect the Pontiff. The Pontiff is the main religious leader in full charge of the church. They are elected for ten years and are rarely elected for another term. They have full voice in the church and create the laws that are followed.

Each religion is a seperate entity to itself. However they are ruled and therefore agreed to be governed by a single high priests, the High Pontiff. They rotate throughout the other religions between their Pontiffs to rule for a period of two years, this gives every religion the possibility to set decrees for the churches.

In which they have agreed to set standards, even though they do not see eye to eye on religious beliefs they do agree that should they result in a religious war and allow choas to ensue, much to the followers of Sethalis delight, that they gods may turn their backs. So in the interest of self preservation they agree to disagree yet to do so in an organized manner on the outside.

On the inside however, the churches dislike each other and will rarely show it publically. Privately however, many small battles between churches has happened right under the eyes of many kings and rulers without them knowing.

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Followers of Aduivo By: Mourngrymn ( Society/ Organizations ) Religious - World Wide

My son, repent your dark ways of chaos. If given fully your soul will burn brightly in the sky and break free of the torment of your chosen calling. If you do not, I will be forced to send your tortured soul to Kasal for pennace. Make your choice, no? Then you Corrupted Spawn of Sethalis, may your soul be tormented forever in the burning hatered of your master.

- Michaud - 9th Order of the Devoted Path of Aduivo

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Followers of Gotruis By: Mourngrymn ( Society/ Organizations ) Religious - World Wide

The day passes again. I have recorded the passing of time for half my life. I have recorded the attempts of each of the three hordes of Corrupted to try and breach our sanctity with calm ease. I have watched the brother of my God try vainly attempt to bring down these walls with his misguided followers. The world will know the true history, even if I give my life for the truth.

- Khoal - Scribe of the Order, Watcher of Gotruis

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Followers of Kameakias By: Mourngrymn ( Society/ Organizations ) Religious - World Wide

Brother, do not view me as an outsider. I am purely here to record what transpires and have no desire to step forth and interfere with the proceedings. It is my duty as an Apostle of Kameakias to record this so that the gods do not forget.

-Preist of Kameakias at the excecution of King Arboin for treason to his people.

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Followers of Kasal By: Mourngrymn ( Society/ Organizations ) Religious - World Wide

The time has come, our Fathers’ child, to release yourself to His whim and enter into our warm and loving arms. He awaits you on the other side for judgment. Hush now, there is no worries once in his realm as pain and sorrow are no more.

- Priest of Kasal, speaking over a dying soldier.

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Followers of Perteum By: Mourngrymn ( Society/ Organizations ) Religious - World Wide

By the sun that burns the weakness from our very souls, I call out to thee oh Seeker of Pain and Strife, of War and Strength, so that I may please you in the battle to come.

- Warrior Priest of Perteum prayer before battle.

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Followers of Sceleris By: Mourngrymn ( Society/ Organizations ) Religious - World Wide

You sicken me, son of a false God. Your faith is boundless, yet your power is limited. You serve a weak God and yo ushall soon see the err of your ways. When we rally forth and wipe the slate clean of your pathetic church your crys of injustice will not be heard. Bow before your oppressor.

-Souka Apostle of Sceleris

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Followers of Sethalis By: Mourngrymn ( Society/ Organizations ) Religious - World Wide

Father of depths, of shadow, and destruction. I pray to thee to give me the strength needed to sweep through our enemies so that we may continue to bring about the end of the reign the weakling gods. In this I pray to serve.

- Follower of Sethalis praying for spells.

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Followers of Xukthalas By: Mourngrymn ( Society/ Organizations ) Religious - World Wide

The balance must be kept in check. Today you suffer my anger and wrath but tomorrow we shall dine and laugh. Forgive me for my duty my child, it is the way of Order. Choas today, Order for tomorrow.

- Priestess of Xukthalas preaching to a fallen foe.

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Comments ( 12 )
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Voted MoonHunter
March 4, 2006, 11:39
Like all things Hewdamia, they are useful and complete. A couple of things though.

Is this one large religion with various sects focusing on the given god?

If not, why do they all have the same structures?

Is there a central heirachy (if one) or Council of Priests (if seperate) made up of prelates or a single prelate from each sect?

Why do they have three coven with the same names? It consists of three Covens; Apostles, Devoted, and the Watchers. Would not each faith or each coven have a variation that diferentiates it? What about schisms inside these covens?

A little history of religion for Hewdamia would be a good submission.
March 4, 2006, 12:38
The history here is a tough subject to talk about with the other religions. I have added a little more information regarding the difference and structure.
March 4, 2006, 12:11
We have this text:
Most of the followers of Sethalis are the creatures that he has spawned and do not fall into any of the Three Covens. If they do, they would be considered to fall under the Devoted Coven, as they are all fanatics and loyal beyond anything any normal mortal could imagine.

yet we have two coven listings: His followers only have two of the Three Covens. There are no Watchers, only the Apostles and the Devoted.

Edit please.
March 4, 2006, 12:21
There is no watcher coven for his religion. The spawn, and other fanatics, fall under the devoted. Where his true followers fall under the Apostle Coven.
Voted Morningstar
August 1, 2015, 4:34
Way too short and I agree with Moonhunter, what, EVERY religion has an IDENTICAL structure? Makes no sense.
August 1, 2015, 16:22
1st) This was written nine years ago, the early fleshing days of what Hewdamia is today. There are no longer simply eight Gods, it just simply hasn't been revisited.
2nd) This is a codex header to bring all of the religious posts together in one place for easier formatting and ease of function. It makes more sense once all of the posts are read as a whole.

Thank you for taking the time to read it however. I do need to revisit these and update them all, but with all of the new informations it is such a daunting task. Mathom Help me!
August 2, 2015, 3:38
Eh, I hear you: worldbuilding is a thankless task that's never over.
August 2, 2015, 22:46
It has expanded far beyond what I have even put up here for people to view.
Voted axlerowes
August 2, 2015, 9:41
Codex headers are always tough to judge. I think they should stand alone, and I think this one does. It gives us a barebones outline of how religion works (or worked in this setting). I would not say that this makes no sense, but rather is just very different than our own conceptions/experiences with organized religion. It is an interesting idea that all the different sects got together and decided to "share power". This places the religions firmly in the political realm ahead of the theological realm. I think that is reasonable. I also think this system has an internal logic to it. Speculative fiction is at it's best when it explores these novel ideas.

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