The three buildings that make up Red Tiles are very different from the surrounding buildings. They have bright red tile roofs. They also have dozens of colored tiles stuck randomly around the walls.

Red Tiles makes roof tiles, paving tiles, floor tiles, bath tiles, and simple decorative tiles of clay. They are the biggest tile operation in the city. They employ 90% of the ClaySmith's guild. They have a contract with the City to provide city buildings, streets, and sidewalks, with tiles. They also sell slate tiles which are another popular roofing material in the city. (They also sell cheaper clay tiles that look like slate).

The courtyard between the buildings is their drying area and their bulk storage. The other buildings hold the glazing and firing areas, as well as the small office run by Jeffius ClaySmith.

Most of the workers here are one step up from dock workers. They have little skill in clay or glazing. Mostly they just shlep clay, smash it flat, grade it, cut it, and shlep tiles to and from the kiln. In fact most of them used to work the docks until they could not find work). They are an rough and rowdy bunch. There are two actual journeymen who do the real skilled claysmith work.

The workers here still hang around the docks. They drink and fight with them all. They also get caught up in less savory activities. The kiln fires are a great way to destroy evidence and bodies. All of this is unknown by Jeffius.

Note: While designed for Antioch, it can easily be planted anywhere

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