Full Item Description
Quantum Sheen is a fantastic susbstance. It's origin are unknown, perhaps created by some odd God of Chaos, perhaps it IS a God of Chaos. It wouldn't even be available if the method for its production hadn't been discovered.

Quantum Sheen behaves differently when exposed to different situations and primarily act radically different when it's being observed. The only known method of producing it involves molding a container form out of salt pork while not blinking, forming a layer of sand over the salt pork without looking at the sand, then coating the sand with Quantum Sheen behind your back. The Salt Pork is then displaced and a glass jar the size of the form remains filled completly with more Quantum Sheen. No one claims credit for the discovery.

Magic/Cursed Properties

When quantum sheen is coated on items they take on different effects and abilites, sometimes desired, but rarely controled. Think "Oil of Wonder". A weapon coated with it may become a flaming sword against goblins and limp spagetti against Gnolls. Armor could be silenced so long as it has fresh flowers adorning it, or become mist when struck by sling bullets.

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