Each Qanquen is tall and pointed, much like a pine tree in shape. However, it is not an evergreen. Its bark and leafs are much like an oak or silk oak. They are quite pretty, though they produce a great deal of 'litter' each fall (and these leafs decompose very slowly, taking upto five years to break down). They are difficult to move through, as the branches are broad, woody, and filled with branching. The litter around them is difficult to slog though. Normally one would move around such a tree, but that is not an option for Quanquen, because there really is no such thing as one Quanquen.

Quanquen trees grow in long clustered lines, two to four trees deep. New trees grow up from the roots of existing trees, so they grow close together. The line continues approximately straight until something (rock, water, cliffside, or just an odd patch of dirt) deflects it. They form a 'wall' of tightly clustered trees that is difficult to slip between.

The trees will sometimes follow besides packed paths or ridge lines. A wall will sometimes just turn 30 to 120 degrees, with no discernable disruption. No one knows how the lines grow so straight or why they go the direction they do. Some say they follow magnetic lines, other say they follow the flow of magic, or that they follow underground streams, but no one knows for sure. (One says that they follow the walls of a fey palace/ city in another dimension...but that is more far out than most would accept).

Additional Information
These trees are great for making mazes (both natural and man-made). In fact one can make an above ground dungeon with these trees forming the walls of the 'corridors' and they might even make 'rooms' from time to time.