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March 11, 2006, 9:32 am

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Pyre, Guardian of the Flame


Pyre, first of the five elemental armors.

“Of this burning foe I cannot speak, for to do so would be to condemn myself to the eternal embrace of fire. But this I will say: beware the flame, for in his eye is the likeness of death!” ~M’hali Trosta, Knight Captain of the shattered 7th Legion

Appearance and Description

Heart: Pyre looks like a copper coin with a flame on both sides and the phrase, “Dei Pyre flamisil eternium” inscribed around the edges. (Translation: “Holy Fire burns forever.”)

Armor: Each part of this Defender is tinted red, if not outright crimson colored; however, its look is modified by the wearer’s personality: no two bearers will wear the same appearance. The only thing that says the same is the crimson-shade of the armor.


Of the five Elemental Defenders, Pyre is considered to be the most combative and fiery in spirit, traits which it looks for in a wielder. Keeping with its straightforward and blunt personality, the Burning Armor’s weapon is the classic of heros everywhere: the sword.


When the world of Tyren was still all one continent of the same name, there arose a darkness from beyond the realms of man. The creator of the world, named Trigu by His followers, foresaw the intense and unparalleled destruction the forces of chaos would cause His world, and thus was He saddened, and had mercy upon the people of Tyren. Thus did He forge and send five armors into the world, to defend and protect it against the forces of evil, which were rallied under the banner of the self-proclaimed Prince of Darkness L’ruhk.

And the followers of L’ruhk waged war upon the peoples of Tyren, who themselves were divided amongst the two sides. On one side were those who sided with Trigu and rallied under the banner of the Five Defenders, whom had each found a suitable bearer for their powers. And on the other side of the battleline were those who stood with the Prince of Darkness, and his Dread Lords. Eventually the Army of the Five won, but at a terrible price, for the continent had been cracked by the forces unleashed in that final battle. And thus were the Defenders separated, their purpose of fighting L’ruhk completed. And soon knowledge of them passed from history into legend, from legend into myth, and from myth to near obscurity…

Yet each of the armors would surface, one by one, each called to the task of defending humanity from the forces of darkness, and once their tasks were complete, they would fade back into the woodwork, leaving whispers of divine protection wherever they would surface.

Magic Properties

Draw Magic
The power of Pyre is invoked with draw magics, by drawing its blade with the intent of protection by whatever means. However, calling upon the magics continually will result in the draining of Pyre’s energy, and it will need to spend time recharging within the flames that gave it birth.

Fire Immunity
Because of the raw flames that gave it birth, Pyre and its wearer are protected from nearly all fires. That said, such unnatural flames as Hellfire or Anti-fire can and will cause damage to Pyre and its bearer.

Constant Heat
Of course, because this armor is forged of fire, the armor, once summoned, will continually emit heat. The Bearer is immune, of course, but those around him will be uncomfortable, much as you would be on a hot summer day. Anything extremely flammable that comes in contact with the armor will burst into flame, and extended periods of contact will cause even mildly flammable objects to ignite.

OOC: This will prevent a character who happens to get his mitts on the armor from wearing it 24/7, for if he does, he becomes a walking fire-hazard. It also means that a character must be more picky about when he dons the armor, because he could burn any place down with his mere presence.

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Comments ( 5 )
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March 7, 2006, 22:46
Updated: Organized and clarified a few issues. Has now gone live.
Voted Pariah
March 9, 2006, 23:01
Okay, light heavy armor. Made of pure energy, part of a set. It doesn't catch my fancy, but it is a good post. 3.5/5
March 11, 2006, 9:32
Update: Added in the Constant Heat subsection, as I was reviewing my notes and realized I forgot to add it. Oops.
Voted Scrasamax
March 29, 2006, 12:10
interesting idea, nice tie into the religion of Kyren and the link to the sword draw magic is good. Reminds me of a more flashy version of the Ronin Warriors, who also had elemental aspecteda armors.
Voted valadaar
June 10, 2012, 8:04
Not bad, though I was hoping for more detail on the fire magics.

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