To assist them in the noble art of war, the Guild of Technomancers built a large quantum computer dedicated specifically to the topics of military arms, armor, strategy, tactics, and techniques. As this is one of the core components of the Guild of Technomancers Project: METATRON, the Guild has named the computer "Metatrons Cube" and the advanced Artificial Intelligence construct "METATRON". Security is tight because this is considered a high priority strategic target for enemy forces.

Metatrons Cube is the currently the largest quantum computer in the realm. METATRON is an Intelligent Combat Assistant which can be called upon using a special technomantic device called a Metatronic Interface with the proper cryptographic keys kept by the Guild of Technomancers. The computer uses a special enchantment that allows magic encapsulated wireless data transmission directly to the Metatronic Interface. This can bypass all known magic countermeasures. However METATRON is always watching and will offer advice when it thinks some is needed even if no one asked. It utilizes a special technology that allows it to use the aether as a way of observing the world around it. But this capability is limited in some instances. So some things will have to be manually conveyed to METATRON.

Visual information can be conveyed directly to the eyes via the Metatronic Interface using a technology known as Augmented Reality To Skull (ARTS) which is a magi-tech spell that allows telepathic transmission of visual data to the brain. The audio information is simply a magi-tech Voice To Skull spell (VTS) which is also done via the Metatronic Interface using telepathy. Both of these magi-tech spells were developed with the help of some guild Mind Mages. This also ensures that only people who are meant to receive this information will be able to receive it. You can also provide access to METATRON to people you choose by providing them with an unregistered Metatronic Interface which has special access keys. However these access keys unlike ones on a registered Metatronic Interfaces, can be revoked at anytime for any reason. The Metatronic Interface is small enough to conceal from casual inspection.

Metatronic Interfaces have a special magi-tech authentication system to prevent unauthorized personnel from using them.

You can call on the METATRON by talking to the air, or via telepathy for stealth purposes.

Most non-technomancers think it is some way of contacting long dead warriors for advice since this is the best way to describe it without going to into difficult to understand technical details. Thus some ignorantly consider this computer to be a nercomantic device. Technomancy is new to this land and although it has seen limited adaptation by the mainsteam populations, people are still skeptical about it. 

The facility is located in the freezing northern mountains of the realm and carved into the granite of the mountain itself for stability and protection against explosions. The mountain is surrounded by a 6 meter high lethal electric razor wire fence powered by a generator and etched runes that deliver a lethal dose of shock magic to anything that touches it. Behind that is a 16 meter high invisible laser wall that will burn anything it touches. The laser beams have powerful fire magic flowing through them to cause severe fire damage. There are Sentinel Crystals that act as security cameras located every 5 meters along this outer perimeter to monitor it.

The facility is powered by three redundant clean energy sources. The first is a special magi-tech solar power array using tracking solar panels with micro sized special energy absorbing runes etched in the silicon solar cells. These hybrid mana absorbing/shock magic runes increase the power generating efficiancy to 100%. The second is an underground river that powers a hydro-dynamo station. The turbine chambers are protected by deadly laser nets and high security gratings to block access by intruders. Plus the turbine blades will blend you into a material that could be consider a chunky salsa as well. Finally, the third is a magi-tech version of the simplest power generation method. Using the same underground river, there is a pump that will funnel the water into a large chamber which boils the water using large fire runes to make steam. The steam then spins the turbines which turn the generators. Besides the laser nets and gratings that guard the pump chambers, the piston based based pumping system will smash you into a fine paste.

The facility itself is divided up into the following rooms:

Main Entrance >> This is the only way in or out of the underground building. To enter, you must pass though an armed checkpoint where guards will check your credentials before opening the blast gates. Two sets of 6 foot thick solid steel blast doors can be closed to secure the entrance. Once those doors are closed, not even an entire army can breach the facility. Automated Crossbows that fire energy bolts will then mow down any invading forces that approach the doors.

Reception >> This room is where the internal checkpoint is located and the front desk. All personnel must sign in before passing through the screening checkpoint. Same procedure applies for personnel leaving the building too. The screening procedure involves a magi-tech package and body scan followed by a physical/manual inspection if something suspicious is detected, and finally another credential check. After this is completed, personnel may enter the building proper through the steel security doors behind the front desk. The front desk is manned by armored guards that carry special swords and crossbows. This room connects to the Central Hallway.

Central Hallway >> This hallway is divided into north, south, east, and west sections. All of the main building is connected to this area. Just like every place in the facility, Sentinel Crystals watch every part of this area. Guards patrol the entire building to make sure no intruders are lurking around. The Administration Offices, Barracks, Security Center, Utility Tunnels, Computer Security Hallway, and the Central Control Room are connected to this section.

Administration Offices >> This is where meeting rooms, offices, and areas where paperwork and other office jobs are done. It is connected to the Barracks, Central Hallway, and Utility Tunnels.

Barracks >> The personnel who live on-site dwell in here. Food, R&R, and Beds are found in this section. This area is connected to the Central Hallway, Administration Offices, and Utility Tunnels.

Security Center >> In this room all of the Sentinel Crystals are monitored and the security systems are controlled. Access to this room requires biometric key cards and a 8 digit passcode. This room is connected to the Central Hallway.

Utility Tunnels >> These tunnels are where the gas, water, and electric lines are found. Access to the main ventilation ducts can be gained here too. But those are secured by deadly laser nets and high security gratings. No one can gain access to the vents at all. This area is connected to the Barracks, Administration Offices, Central Control Room, and Central Hallway.

Central Control Room >> This large room contains all of the computers that monitor the Metatrons Cube. Readouts such as temperature, data transfer rates, memory block allocations, processing speeds, system logs, system telemetry data, and other critical processes are shown on the terminals in this room. There is a large force-field glass wall that overlooks the Central Computer Core in this room creating a nice view of the computer itself. This room is connected to the Central Hallway and Utility Tunnels.

Computer Security Hallway >> This is the only way in and out of the Metatrons Cube itself. The steel security door can only be opened by a biometric key card and a 8 digit code. Inside the hallway are automated energy crossbows connected to sections of the floor which are electrified and pressure sensitive. This is only the first part though. After the electric floor tiles and the pressure activated energy crossbows through another security door is the laser grids. These are densely placed laser tripwires, some of which are in constant motion and others static. Trip any one of these and the doors to the Central Computer Core will lock. The only way to unlock them is to backtrack though the hallway and activate the security terminal at the previous security door. This unlocks the doors but also resets the laser grids. Authorized personnel can deactivate the traps in the first part via the security terminal and pass through the beams without activating them. This room connects to the Decontamination Chamber and the Central Hallway.

Decontamination Chamber >> The Metatrons Cube is a clean room and sub-zero environment. This means that cryosuits are required for entry or else you will freeze to death inside. This room is used to clean personnel up and equip cryosuits before being allowed inside the Central Computer Core and the connecting rooms. The Computer Security Hallway and the Central Computer Core are connected to this room.

The following rooms make up the Metatrons Cube Computer itself and are kept at sub-zero temperatures by powerful frost runes and an advanced liquid nitrogen cooling system:

Central Computer Core >> This large room contains the neural network that makes up the METATRON AI. It consists of hundreds of thousands of 4096 core neural processor chips configured for parallel processing. The chips are arranged in a way so as to emulate the various parts of a human brain. The reason for this is because METATRON is in fact a digital approximation of the all of the greatest minds specializing in the art of war, martial arts, and military history combined. And it is always watching and learning more and more every day. The AI has the voice of guild member Raffaello Urbani, inventor and director of Project: METATRON. This room is connected to the Decontamination Chamber, CPU Cores 01, 02, 03, 04, 05, 06, and Data Storage 01, 02, 03, 04, 05, and 06.

The CPU Cores are rooms that contain the Quantum Processor Cores that crunch all of the raw data before passing it to the Central Computer Core for additional analysis and processing. The number of Processor Cores in each room give each CPU Core 16314 Qbits to work with per room. Ultra powerful frost runes completely line the walls of these rooms and are even etched into the Quantum Processor Chips themselves to create a temperature close to absolute zero. The rooms are also at a near complete vacuum due to runes that utilize space magic and air locks are used to prevent it from being disrupted. This is a Zero G environment as a result. Because of this Vacuum Suits are required for entry. Each room is dedicated to specific aspects of war and are as follows:

CPU Core 01 >> Information regarding the design, fabrication, and use of armor is processed here. Finished data is then sent to Data Storage 01 This room is connected to CPU Cores 06, 02, and the Central Computer Core.

"If I may noble ones, but full plate armor can be quite light and articulated. You can even do rolling dodges in it." ~METATRON interjecting during an argument about plate vs chainmail armor.

CPU Core 02 >> Information regarding the design, fabrication, and use of melee weapons is processed here. Finished data is then sent to Data Storage 02. This room is connected to CPU Cores 01, 03, and the Central Computer Core.

"Hold up there noble one! That man is wearing plate armor. You are probably better off using the spiked demon mace to cripple his joints and puncture his chest." ~METATRON offering advice during a 1v1 fight against a corrupt knight.

CPU Core 03 >> Information regarding the design, fabrication, and use of ranged weapons is processed here. Finished data is then sent to Data Storage 03. This room is connected to CPU Cores 02, 04, and the Central Computer Core.

"I would go with the elven warbow. It is light weight, silent, and flexible. It would work great with those ebony arrows you have." ~METATRON advising a wood elf on which bow to purchase at the bowyer.

CPU Core 04 >> Information regarding the design, fabrication, and use of mechanized mounts plus the weapons and armor used to protect animal mounts is processed here. Finished data is then sent to Data Storage 04. This room is connected to CPU Cores 03, 05, and the Central Computer Core.

"Good choice noble one. The demon steel barding and padded war saddle make this nord black horse ideal for mounted combat both melee and ranged." ~METATRON commenting on a mount just purchased from the stables.

CPU Core 05 >> Information about the battlefield, its terrain, current environmental conditions, and other data is processed to make informed battle decisions here. Finished data is then sent to Data Storage 05. This room is connected to CPU Cores 04, 06, and the Central Computer Core.

"The satellites and radar suggest a major storm to arrive this afternoon. I would prepare a landslide at this bottle neck and place archers in these areas along the trees. You can then trigger the landslide during the storm and then rain arrows on the soldiers caught off guard. They will not be carrying shields and are only wearing leather armor. Your arrows should puncture them no problem. Use the warbows." ~METATRON assisting a band of heroes set up an ambush.

CPU Core 06 >> Information regarding the design and construction of fortifications based on the terrain, environmental factors, and what enemies are expected to attack is processed here. Finished data is then sent to Data Storage 06. This room is connected to CPU Cores 05, 01, and the Central Computer Core.

"Place some spikes inside the flooded rice paddies to slow down the advancing infantry and dig small holes in the ground inside the wheat fields. Those holes will trip the cavalry forces. Place obvious defenses along the roads to divert them into the booby trapped fields. Have some troops ready to finish off anyone makes it through." ~METATRON advising a local militia on how to fortify the farming village.

The Data Storage rooms contain the drives for processed data and each room is capable of holding 4.5 Yottabytes (YB) of data. The Read/Write data transfer speed is 256 Petabytes (PB) per-second. This amount of storage and transfer speed is required for the information thst is contantly being processed and stored in real-time. To improve efficency, data can be linked between rooms. To prevent bit rot and manage wear and tear, these drives are enchanted with a self repairing spell. Examples of the types of data stored in each room is as follows:

Data Storage 01 >> Data kept in here can include armor designs, crafting/forging techniques, specifications for specific pieces of armor, armor crafting recipes, how to put on and move in specific armor types, and what kind of protection it can provide. This room is connected to Data Storage 06, 02, and the Central Computer Core.

"I recognize the design of that suit of armor. This is the work of the dwarven smiths of Mekmantan. This is one of the few designs that can block crossbow bolts due a unique treating method. It involves a special formula that is applied to the hot steel before quenching..." ~METATRON describing a legendary suit of armor.

Data Storage 02 >> Data kept in this room can include melee weapon designs, crafting/forging techniques, specifications for a specific melee weapon, melee weapon crafting recipes, the techniques and fighting styles required to wield specific melee weapons, and what kind of damage it can do to various types of opponents. This room is connected to Data Storage 01, 03, and the Central Computer Core.

"Ah, a Battle Born sword. This clan's blades are well known for their quality and hardiness in battle. It involves a soft iron core in the center of the steel blade to give it some extra durability." ~METATRON explaining the way a well known sword gets its reputation for high quality.

Data Storage 03 >> Data kept in this room can include ranged weapons designs, ammunition/projectile designs, crafting/forging techniques for both the weapons and ammunition, specifications on specific ranged weapons and projectiles and which ones work with eachother, ranged weapon and ammo crafting recipes, how a specific ranged weapon is wielded, and what kind of damage it can do to verious types of opponents. This room is connected to Data Storage 02, 04, and the Central Computer Core.

"This crossbow is rather unusual in design. It has a scope and long stock. I also sense an enchantment that increases the speed and velocity of bolts shot from it. I think it might be designed for long distance sniping." ~METATRON discovering a Sniper Crossbow for the first time.

Data Storage 04 >> Data kept in this room can include information on the various creatures that can be used as mounts, what type of tack and barding is required to ride said creatures, methods of bonding and taming the creatures, recipes to craft the tack and barding, the strengths and weaknesses of specific creatures when used as mounts, and schematics for mechanized mounts plus how they are driven. This room is connected to Data Storage 03, 05, and the Central Computer Core.

"This large wolf is often used as war mount by the barbarian tribes in the Velen Grasslands. You might be able to tame it and use it in the upcoming battle. Here is what you need to get for barding." ~METATRON explaining a Dire Wolf to a horseman.

Data Storage 05 >> Data kept in here can include weather data, topographical data, data on what the terrain of specific locations is, maps, simulations, and battle plans. This room is connected to Data Storage 04, 06, and the Central Computer Core.

"We need to figure out what the enemy is up to. Now that you are in the camp, look for anything that could be a battle plan. Then show it to me with your Metatronic Interface." ~METATRON instructing a rogue on what to find in an enemy camp.

Data Storage 06 >> Data kept in here can include schematics for fortifications, how the fortifications work, how to construct them, and what they are effective against. This room is connected to Data Storage 05, 01, and the Central Computer Core.

"I know this city. Other technomancers have visited it before. There is a tunnel under the drawbridge just below the moat. It leads to the sewers and is never guarded. That is your way in." ~METATRON explaining how to get into a fortified city undetected.

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