"You may have wondered what lead me down this path? It was the simple observation I made while escavating the tomb of an ancient chieftain If only these bones could talk..."

From the personal account of Meridah Onware, in discussion with Professor Siana Tamar.


Professor Tamar appears as a fastidious middle aged woman whos hair has turned mostly to grey. She is tall and very slim. Her skin is dark and weathered from many years outdoors under the sun. Her hands are delicate, but show the signs of much hard labour. Her clothes tend to the utilitarian - they hug her slim figure and are more practical then fashionable.


Siana's life prior to her entry into the field of Archaeology was largely unremarkable, and surely nothing that foreshadowed her entry into the realm of mysticism. Possessing an insatiable interest in what was, she brought tremendous energy to her field. She experienced remarkable success, and quickly found a prestigious post in the University Faculty.

Able to find patterns and secrets in the smallest of relics, she still found the painstaking task of piecing together myriad tiny details to get the story intensely frustrating. After a particularly uninformative escavation, she turned her mind to finding a better way.

What if these bones could talk?

The University's library was well equipped, even in the realm of the Dark Arts, and secretly she threw herself into study, seeking to release secrets from the Dead.

Siana was one of those people who once the focused on something it was all consuming, and she quickly gained knowledge in the field. From bound shades, and chattering skulls, she has elicited secrets long thought lost and unattainable. Others have noticed her success but have yet to determine her secret.

Interestingly enough, there is signficant antipathy between her and Thom Bones. Neither will abide each-others presence, a fact that many have noticed.

Special Equipment

Siana carries no items of power, and she leaves dangerous encounters to hirelings. She generally carries the tools of her trade as well as the accoutrements of her Dark Art.

Roleplaying Notes

Siana is quite familiar with the dark arts as a result of her many years of researching techniques of interrogating the dead. This has not come without cost as she finds it very difficult to deal with the living. She is obsessed with knowledge for knowledge's sake and could care less if the information is of any value.

She has rituals to either converse with the disembodied spirits, or to force them back into whatever remains are on hand and to repeat the actions they took in life.

From many measures, she is a powerful necromancer, but so far has never used it for anything beyond research.

Campaign Use

Easily usable to help obtain buried information, she could also be a useful patron or, should she delve too far, become a formidable villain.

Of course, as villain she would not pose a physical threat, the arts of war being totally foreign to her, and her magic unfocussed on offence. What she is is extremely intelligent and focused, and should her mind fall to Darkness, her plans will be simple, deadly and thorough.

She can easily be adapted to 'older' timelines, a Sage as opposed to a professor, and just as easily play a part in more modern genres.

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