Special Equipment:

A rather worthless looking feather amulet which allows his parents to keep track of his whereabouts at all times.


A very timid looking child who have a certain aura of authority around him. The prince is timid because he's a born deaf mute - But since he is the heir apparent, the Royal family has made a great deal of effort to conceal the fact. Rather minuscule in stature but upon being endangered can fight viciously like a demonically posessed person. Slithers rather than walks, but is able to move noiselessly even though he have received no training for that. The prince survived being bitten by a werewolf at the age of five, which means he's a lycanthrope. This character will make an interesting hostage for ransom but tough to keep under lock and key.


Prince Reza Ironfist is the eldest and only son of King Ragnar Ironfist - which makes him the heir apparent to the Throne since there were no other contenders to the throne. When the Queen was pregnant, there was a poisoning attempt which the queen survived. By the time the Prince have become a toddler it was apparent that he isn't normal - Testing done by the Kingdom's Head Wizard divulged the fact that the Prince was a deaf mute. The King and Queen were distraught about that but luckily since this has been discovered early on, they can conceal the knowledge from most people.

Out on a hunting party with the King and the rest of the Royal household the year he turned five, Prince Reza was bitten by a werewolf - but he survived the ordeal - Which means he's a lycanthrope.

Roleplaying Notes:

The prince is a lycanthrope which means he is immune to most magic. He has the ability to move about noiselessly and can fight like a demonically posessed person when his life is endangered. He is rather timid looking but has a strange aura of command about him.

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