Prince Graeme is a tall man, nearly six feet and three inches tall. He is lean, and carries himself with the erect gait of the aristocracy, well removed from the nitty-gritty plebian life of the peasant and commoner. With his dark hair closely cropped and his eyes lined with kohl, Graeme effects a slightly effiminate demeanor. He is not overtly bold, or masculinely aggresive. He is reserved and calculating, much like a serpent.

His clothing is often considered either the cutting edge of fashion, or flamboyant. He favors a long tailed cotehardie, a garment similar to a knights surcoat, and a forerunner of the modern duster and trench coat. It has a pair of tails that almost reach the ground, fits tightly around the chest, and has a high collar that can be turned down easily, but if left up offers some relief from strong wind or rain in the face. He favors the colors blue, silver, and gray in his dress, long with polished black leather boots.

Other accoutrements include heavy silver hooks and buttons for the cotehardie, a tooled leather swordbelt and silver pommeled estoc. The estoc is a sword related to the rapier in that it is primarily used for piercing attacks, and punching through weak points in armor, but unlike the rapier, retains a cutting edge. Also known as a tuck.

Being a sorcerer, Graeme has an extensive collection of magic items that he has made himself, or acquired through various means. They include an assortment of magic amulets, bracers of protection, and most any basic to intermediate wand or rod.


Born the heir apparent to a powerful duke, Graeme was raised in the rarified atmosphere of the nobility. His only encounters with commoners was through his tutors, and the servants of the palace, all of whom were subject to his whim. He was bred to become a duke, responsible for the fate of a duchy, not the toil of the common man.

He learned extensively, topics ranging from warfare to swordplay, theology to sorcery. During his studies he discovered his innate talent for magic, and had a tutor secured to see to his further instruction. His talent, coupled with his burning ambition made him an impressive sorcerer. He specialized in the arts of enchantment, summoning, and warding.

Seeing the pussaint man his son had become, Graeme's father decded his sons life of idle study and liesure was done. It was time for him to assume a mantle of authority, and take his place in the heirarchy. Graeme resented the sudden intrusion into his life by a man who barely had time for him otherwise. Secretly, he found his father lacking in ambition, too happy with the duchy, when there was so much more to be had.

Graeme displayed his powers of sorcery for his father only once. He summoned Dretch, a draconian beast, to slay his father, and free the leadership of the duchy. Being a cunning prince, Graeme covered the event as a gross hunting accident and lead several hunting parties, of which the last returned with a monster of a wolf that supposedly claimed the life of his father.

Graeme has set his sights on the throne of the kingdom, and has only one interest, becoming the next king. Despite the murder of his father, Graeme is not an evil person, merely a pragmatic one. He will work with adventurers to protect the kingdom he wishes to gain, he will offer them support if they work in his common interest. If they seek to undermine him, he will turn against them, but avoids the common weapons of the nobility. PCs will not be hunted by assassins, bounty hunters, or the unseen hand of the poisoner.

Gaining Graeme as an ally would boost the PCs considerably as his duchy has become preeminent among those of the kingdom. He is more than capable with the blade, as well as being well versed in the use of magics in and out of battle. He has the problem that he has attracted the ire of the other dukes who have their eyes on the throne as well. He is also horribly unsympathetic to commoners, to him a low born person is akin to a hound, horse, or falcon. Valuable, but easily replaced.

Gaining Graeme as an enemy would give the PCs a cunning and dangerous foe who would turn his considerable resources to defeat them. He would of course be present at their defeat and would have it at his hands if at all possible.

Graeme has a much younger brother, 11 years old. Graeme cares deeply for his brother and would do anything to protect him, or punish anyone who hurt him. Baird is a blonde headed boy who is likely going to find his path leads to the clergy. Until then he serves as his brothers conscience. Baird will question Graeme on his motives and plans, and bring the good out in them. Graeme understands that without Baird he would easily become a terrible villian and tyrant. This pragmatic concern has welded itself to the irrational love he has for his brother, making the bond that much stronger.

Roleplaying Notes:

Graeme and Baird were inspired by Seto and Mokuba from Yu-Gi-Oh. I am ashamed to admit that I watch the show, but depsite the gruesome Dragonball-esque combat, and saccarine character interaction, it is not too horrible of a show. Some of the monsters are pretty cool and inspire new beasties for my game, while the characters seem to be surprisingly developed for a childrens cartoon.

If there was less of the 'OH NO, what does that card do!' dialog, and duels did not last more than say one or two episodes, the series would be awesome in my opinion. Okay, thats my two cents.

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