The pouch of many things can easily be worn attached to a belt and weighs a mere half pound. Normally one would consider storing about a fifth of a cubic feet. This pouch however is not the best place to store items, as there is but a small chance the item may be found again.
The pouch seems to mock the wearer and never to return what you hope for, though in some cases items do turn up that seem to be most practical or fun. No magic user will identify the true nature of its magic, but most adventurers will find out what the pouch is all about in just a few days.

Magical Properties:

The following items may be returned from the pouch: (roll a d20 to determine)
Random item stored by user. If none stored, roll again.
1d3 chocolate cookies
A masterwork sling bullet
A piece of white cloth (4*4 inch)
1d8 copper pieces
A small, fragile glass figure of a butterfly
A 20 ft length thread of wool (getting it out takes 1d4+1 rounds)
an apple
1d3 pine-apple cones
A handful of grain
1d3 chocolate cookies
Some cow-dung
A wooden spoon
A silver brooch worth 2 gp which disappears after 1d8 hours
A small bronze key
A wooden fork
A 10ft branch from a oak tree, including leaves
A gallon of water
A dinner knife (damage is 1d2-1, breaks on a critical hit)
DM's choice

The wearer will find the pouch is always empty if he or she tries to take something from the pouch while still in the possession of the last item created by the pouch. (Items stored in the pouch by the wearer are considered not to be created by the pouch.)
The pouch normally creates items out of thin air, but in some cases may turn up a item that was nearby. Needless to say that in this case some people may be inclined to believe the wearer of the pouch stole the item.
If any one else but the user tries to take something from the pouch, it always seems to be empty. When the pouch has grown fond of its owner, it will even remain empty if not worn by its owner.
The pouch will create no more then two items per hour and no more then a total of eight items per day, including items stored by the owner.

Market value: 500 gp

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