Full Item Description

The PPU-2 is evocative of the old tower or riot shield pattern of equipment, with a number of interesting adjustments. From the front, the device is a simple slab of reflective plasteel,
more than enough to deflect common battlefield lasers and most small arms fire, while a generator mounted low on the rear of the shield creates a powerful, localized AC-EM field to handle incoming plasma bolts, splattering them away with the magnetic vibration.

At the touch of a button, secondary ‘wings’ deploy from the side of the shield, providing approximately a five foot square piece of cover from incoming fire. If possible, it will attempt to anchor itself via spikes in the ground for hands free operation.


Created by Pinnacle Armor at the behest of the Starkin Alliance military, this relatively simple device was designed to give cover to Soldiers. What wasn’t expected was the political brouhaha and fight required to get it through purchasing, nor the feedback of a disturbed public putting pressure on elected officials. In the end, it took ten times as long to deploy it over the back of an inferior copy product from a more ‘preferred’ vendor. It has ruined careers, and is (mostly wrongfully) mistrusted by a significant portion of the line officers, even if it’s loved by the enlisted men.

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