Full Item Description
It is your standard fluffy feather pillow. The stitching on the borders are quite elaborate, but it looks more like a sign of quality rather than arcane patterning.

This is a classic enchantment, part of most spell colleges. The creator of this enchantment has been lost to history.

Magic/Cursed Properties
Soon after one lays on or sits upon the item, they will feel relaxed. They will then feel drowsey. Soon they will drop into a deep deep sleep. If kept in contact with the pillow, they can not awaken for at least 8 hours, possible more if they are used to sleeping in, fatigued, or tired.

This is not an Evil item per say. It is a handy part of the Evil Cultist toolkit.

This is an excellent tool for evil cultists, allowing them to kidnap people out from their beds or couches with a minimum of fuss or muss. They can even give it to the victim's spouse/ sleeping partner, so they can then kidnap the victim and no amount of screaming or noise will wake them. It just takes another break in to eventually reclaim the pillow.

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