Full Item Description
This relatively normal looking two handed warhammer is made up of extremely heavy steel, with an ornate Oak wooden handle.

Very little is known about this hammer except that it seems to have survived the ages quite well.

It was originally made by a barbarian clan shaman who called out to the gods in a time of desperate need. A few years beforehand a prophecy was spoken by a traveling mystic that one would arise from the ranks of the poor to lead them to salvation, but would die at the end of it.

Once she had finished enchanting it the prophecy began to take form and true enough on did arise to take back the stolen and pillaged lands. He afterwards was killed by a stray arrow and brought back mortally wounded. He died later that evening, since then it has never been found.

Magic/Cursed Properties
The warhammer may only be wielded by one who is pure of heart and fights for the causes of good, and of course a good laugh.

On a successful critical hit, the wielder then has a 30% chance that the monster is flattened into a 2D shape of itself on the floor.(this effect does not concern exceptionally large creatures, e.g. Balrogs, trolls, etc), turning the unfortunate victim into a dead laughing stock.

The monster will of course return to its natural shape an hour after death(very helpful in a large battle, too many bodies to clamber over otherwise).

As well as its namesake this weapon also sports 2 other abilities;

1. The more damage the wielder takes, the more powerful the weapon becomes, doing immense damage.

2. Increased damage than normal warhammers to all enemy types.

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