Last night, sometime during the 1st watch I discovered Philosopher's Mercury, a metal that acts as a medium for vibrations, transferring them into the aether. However, I have also unearthed that in its pure form it conducts ALL vibrations into the aether in a completely uncontrolled manner; I melted the glass in my windows simply by talking around it, what had happened if I had boiled my blood I shouldn't like to think! In order to control what vibrations move into the aether one must mix the Philosopher's Mercury with some other substance into an alloy, whether it be a metal or not. The resulting impurity of the mixture will then control which vibrations can be moved into the aether and so also what might be affected.

~an excerpt from Lord Caasi's Lab Notes, Volume 11, Chapter 23, Pages 142-143

While attempting to create the Philosopher's Stone in a vain pursuit of immortality, Lord Caasi stumbled upon Philosopher's Mercury, a substance that can transmit vibrations into the aether and so manipulate the ferments, or molds, that bind the elements to each other.
This silvery metal is a liquid at room temperature and will transmit vibrations into the aether changing the affinities that exist in that vibration (like jamming a radio) destroying or creating bonds. It can be stored in any kind of container, as long as it is protected from vibrations as much as possible. The substance works be changing normal vibrations, like sound, into vibrations in the aether. Common methods of control use a crystal goblet with the stem in the Philosopher's Mercury, and then running a wet finger around the rim of the glass. Normally this makes a sound, but in this case the Mercury absorbs the sound, and puts it into the aether, then depending on what sound it was, different things will happen.Using Philosopher's Mercury you can release the Lux in air, creating flame; or strengthen the bonds in water making it ice...use your imagination.

N.B. This item is the base from a whole slew of alchemical items that can do seemingly magical things, but along laws (steam engines that use no fuel and collect water from the air) and so might not be thought of as an item by those people I apologize and note that other items that use this will follow.

Adapted from Newton's Cannon, Book One of The Age of Unreason, by J.Gregory Keyes

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