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Among the many types of daggers are those made from Ankorillian hardwoods. These Paha daggers are sharpened at one or both ends and some had shark's teeth imbedded in the pointed end to enhance their effectiveness. A broken spear, cut to the appropriate length, also serves well as a dagger. The average dagger is about 18 inches long but could extend up to about 3 feet in length.

There are daggers with one of its ends enlarged for use as a club. The Paha-Ku is made from the bill of the broad-billed swordfish and the Paha-Ka is made from the bill of the marlin. These are daggers provided by nature and serves those who uses them very well. The naturally rough edges of the marlin bill(imagine a saw) are sometimes left on and provided a particular cutting effect. Also, the bill was either left with its natural point or sometimes barbed.

Ankorillian warriors carries, on a regular basis, Na-ha (spears) and many different types of daggers. These weapons are be used to confront any kind of threat, as well as on the fields of battle. The dagger playes a prominent role because it is easily carried and/or slipped into the waistband of the male warrior loincloth. Besides, daggers strikes much faster than big, heavy clubs.

Magic/Cursed Properties

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