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Commissioned, ordered, and paid for by the Alliance military, the PR-13 was the first field-deployed plasma weapon in the history of Mankind.

Bearing a strong physical resemblance to the US flamethrowers of 1945, the plasma rifle consists primarily of two parts. First is the business end, which is little more than a stock, trigger, and two large chambers at each end of the ‘barrel’, the first of which creates and provides forwards propulsion to the superheated, ionized bolt of fluid, while creating a magnetic spin on the inside of the bolt, and the second of which which creates a hydrodynamic spin contra-rotational to the bolt’s magnetic flow, producing a blast which holds together for as long as it takes for the two angular momentums to interact and cancel out, about a hundred and fifty meters downfield.

The second part, the rather heavy backpack, powers the rest of it. A simple fission pile pellet reactor, the fuel on the PR-13 generally lasts about three days before the fissile chain sputters out, and usually requires the replacement of 10% of the pellets. While criticality excursions are considered impossible, it is possible for the insulation to not quite be as good as it ought to be, occasionally leading to radiation poisoning of the crew, and even out right burns on the bearer of the weapon - after all, the fissile pile does run at around 1000 C.


Commissioned at the very beginnings of the Scranja war, the PR-13 plasma rifle was the eventual winner in a research scrap to pierce the advanced armors worn by Scranja warriors. Unfortunately, it took many failed attempts, with many testers killed as previous incarnations melted down, exploded, or backfired.

It was while coming off a terrible hangover from a party involving mass amounts of ethanol and stripper tassels that the undergraduate who created the dually-spinning stabilization system that eventually made the PR-13 possible. He would, however, never publicly admit that it was the image of glittering, spinning tassels stuck in his mind that inspired the principle. Implemented with surprising quickness for the involved parties, the system made it possible to hold back the enemy’s ground forces for a time… all thanks to the three wise men and some glitter.

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