Full Description
These tiny mites are "normal" insects for a fantasy world. They absorb ambient magical energies, creating a small glow- like a lightning bug. They only do this for the last seven days of their 21 day lives. Ambient energy is created by any enchanted object, any magically charged place, or for a short time, anywhere a magical non clerical spell is cast. The more energy they absorb, the brighter they glow. The brighter they glow, the more mates they attract. Soon after mating, they lay tiny eggs, smaller than grains of sand. 7 days later the hatch.

These little buggers are the bane and blessing of adventurers. If you find a location with lots of ogone's, you know there is magic and magical treasure about. However, since the average adventurer has more magic items than the normal area, the flies will hang around the adventurer and their items.

Note: magic items that can be turned on and off, and can not be noted by detect magic spells, do not attract Ogone flies, except when they are on.

Also remember that magic swords glow when pulled.

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