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December 29, 2005, 5:10 am

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Of Angels


Angels are the guardians of Order, the forces that oversee that the purpose of existence is indeed fulfilled.

Angels are the guardians of Order, the forces that oversee that the purpose of existence is indeed fulfilled. While most believe that angels are the forces of good, just like Demons are the forces of evil, this is as far from the truth as one can come. Angels care neither for mortals, nor for Demons or the Gods. In primeval times they awoke alongside their brethren, the Gods, the Demons and the Primeval Dragons. They were herded into heaven by the Gods’ united power, for the Gods fear the Angels and their close ties to the Dreamer*. Chained within the heavens, sedated by the glory of the Gods, the Angels are subdued and cannot arise in full power. For within the gardens of paradise, amidst flowery fields and flowing rivers the angels have been imprisoned by their own desires. Astride them are curvaceous nymphs and temptresses of every kind, feeding the angels with lies, lust, and narcotic laced grapes. Whilst the angels are imbibing the sweet narcotics, drinking heavenly nectar and partaking in the pleasures that be, they have long since forgotten the reason for their existence. And step by step, the natural order of creation is unravelled and the Gods recreate it in accordance to their own grand scheme.

Occasionally a temptress is smitten with love for her prisoner, and has to be forcibly removed from his presence, lest she is tempted to liberate him. These unfortunate wretches have been herded to the plains of suffering, the only truly sad place within heaven. Here they wail and suffer, and with time the plains has become almost haunted with the soft sobbing of the fallen temptresses. According to some obscure legends there is one angel who can hear their crying, even through his roars of pleasure, the cries even pierce the narcotics which are clouding his mind. This is Chainbreaker and on two occasions he has freed himself and on these occasions the pantheon has chased him, hounded him through existence, until they were finally able to subdue him long enough for his mind once again to be numbed by narcotics and depraved instincts.

One fact about the angels is known for certain; they are 9 in number. The names of the nine are not known, but in some religious texts they are known by names supposedly given to them by a God sympathetic to their cause. The given names are: Chainbreaker, G’Dizhte the Eternal, Hammer of Order, Heathen, Herder, K’thraun of a Thousand Battles, Z’daun-Z’thaur, Shadowborn and Solitude.

What precious little is known about angels come from the temples and the churches. Considering that the agents of the angels’ captors are the only source of information, it is no surprise that they are depicted as the powerful disciples of the Gods. This is a lie, but one most humans actually believe. It is also ironic, because if anything they are the opposite of disciples; angels are originally the only truly free entities in creation; free of the gods, free of the dreamer, and with only one purpose; the upkeep of order. Even more ironic is the fact that the only free beings in existence have become depraved slaves of every indulgence known to man.

Angels have been depicted as humans with wings for longer than anyone can remember. It seems to be a known fact, but how can anyone know? Angels never materialize outside heaven for they have been imprisoned by the gods; denied passage outside heaven’s boundaries. There is not any power that can force the angels to remain in one place, thus the gods have enslaved the angels through their own angelic desires.

*The Angels are believed blessed by the dreamer. Before the Gods awoke and only the races of Prime Creation existed alongside the Dreamer, the Angels were free to do their chosen role. Although technically a part of the Dreamer, they were still conscious while asleep and silently they monitored prime creation. When Aahr broke the unity and disrupted the heavenly pillar, the angels awoke to restore order. Needless to say they failed.

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Comments ( 9 )
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Voted Mourngrymn
November 8, 2005, 10:23
I like this a lot. I really want to know more about the nine angels. The fact that the Gods fear them for their real purpose and design is great. It adds a huge power struggle of the divine and makes it seem closer to home.

What is their purpose and meaning? It would be nice to know exactly what the Gods fear and what the demons are to the Angels. Is it possible to be the opposite? Angels were created for punishment perhaps as sins, etc?

Just curious. I love it.
Voted Iain
November 8, 2005, 13:24
This is superb! A fascinating concept and very well written. Like Mourngrymn, I want to know more! Regarding the demons, why haven't the Gods imprisoned them in some way too - do they perhaps not fear them, or could it be that they have tried and failed. What, indeed, is their purpose? Do the others - the Demons, the Gods and the Primeval Dragons likewise have some deep purpose, and are they also failing to conduct theirs? So much potential.

P.S. I've noticed you've submitted this as a scroll. Does this mean you want us to contribute by, e.g. fleshing out the individual angels or having a go at answering all these questions we're asking?
Ancient Gamer
December 12, 2005, 19:47
Well, originally the demons, gods and Primeval Dragons were but parts of the Dreamer; entities not meant to exist outside the unity of the Dreamer. As the unity was shattered millennia ago, these things exist outside their intended purpose and thus their purpose can sometimes appear difficult to comprehend. The reason only the Angels were imprisoned is that the purpose of the Angels is to oppose any order that is contrary to that of the Dreamer. Besides: Angels are so powerful they are a direct threat to any and all Gods. Strangely enough Chainbreaker has made no attempt to reinstate the "true order and first creation" on the occasions he has been free to roam through existence.

Secretly I am working to forge a duality to the Dreamer's design of Angels, Demons, Gods and Primeval Dragons. Things won't be as monodimensional as they might appear at first and through their adventures my players will discover that the designs of a long dead all powerful entity might run deeper than anyone could ever imagine. This duality is in sketch form as for now and I will explain further at a later stage.

As for the scrolls: Yes, do add your own stuff. Do contribute or create individual Angels or whatever. I would be honoured if anyone did :)

One last note on the meaning of Primeval Dragons and Demons in the "new" mythology that the Gods created: Their purpose varies from one holy book to another. For instance the Holy Tome of Aahr, the God of Time, might state that "... his divine wrath will be revealed by vast wings clouding the sky and blotting out the moon. The scions of terror these children of fury are called and they are known as destroyers of worlds. Woe to those attracting the wrath of our lord, for they must be forced to repent and witness the error of their ways. ..."
Voted Chaosmark
November 9, 2005, 18:03
Indeed, a good question Iain has. What dost thou wish the scroll for? Otherwise 'tis a 4/5
Voted Scrasamax
December 28, 2005, 23:48
Only voted
Voted POG
December 31, 2005, 12:27
I'm glad the town crier woke mw up so I could read this. This is an exellent idea, which makes me want to learn more...
Voted Strolen
January 9, 2006, 19:57
The availability of temptresses and other pleasures seems to be the only chink in the God's plan of keeping them occupied.

I guess I don't understand the entire play and how the Angels, Gods, Demons, and Dragons play together, but if the Angels only purpose is to upkeep order and the balance is shifting towards the Gods...would the Demons and/or Dragons find a need to get the Angels back? Are they behind the Chainbreaker? Have they found a way to enter their own temptress' or foods or whatever that might disrupt the Angels blinded state?

It is a very powerful idea that can be the catalyst for much...I just can't grasp the interconnection of those mentioned and their motivations. If I had that key it would all come together I think.
Ancient Gamer
January 10, 2006, 2:26
It seems that I must finish the translation of the Coldforged mythology. Very well, it shall be done.
Voted Michael Jotne Slayer
March 7, 2006, 10:16
What? I looked over the town crier and saw the link, I thought I would drop by this nice post and re-read it and it seems I never voted... I repeat; what?
I clearly remember doing so. Anyhows, here it goes (again).

Brilliant work, just like the Demons and Saints post. Go read them as well!




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