What is Oekaki?

Oekaki is a creature of the BBS where artists would upload art they had created in a browser application. These drawings are shot from the hip, unpolished, and often done in a short time frame.

What is Citadel Oekaki?

Like the BBS artwork, Citadel Oekaki isn't about producing a finished polished submission. It's about working within a set of constraints to just see what you can do.

1. The Submission must be completed in 1 sitting. Multiple saves are allowed, also bathroom breaks, etc. But you open the new sub and you don't stop until its finished or...

2. Time Limit: You have no more than 30 minutes from  Start to Submit Post!

3. Subject Matter: Oekaki is about responding to a prompt or a thematic element. Your Oekaki submission must either follow the Freetext Friday prompt or the current Citadel Quest.

4. Must use the Oekaki freetext so everyone knows that you've written a fast, raw submission.

Voting on Oekaki

Oekaki is not a finished product, and it shouldn't be treated as one. Much like the 100 Word Submission, it about the raw idea, getting it from inside that nebulous Mathom ridden place inside our creative minds and out into an electronic format. Points should not be knocked off for grammar or punctuation, run on sentences and so forth. An Oekaki can and should be later expanded (if the idea is good enough to warrant the attention) into a full submission, but not through replacement of the original fast draft.

I hope there are some members here interested in this crazy freestyle writing.

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New Challenge on his Front: The Oekaki Citadel Fan Fic Challenge: Pick a sub at random and write a follow up sub based on that sub. If you get an item write up a plot that involves that item, and if you get a plot write up a character and so on.