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July 11, 2016, 1:21 am

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The Neko, or Cat-Girl; as they are also known as.

The name was chosen, in order to disassociate from the cosplay Cat Girl of Batman.

The Neko was originally created by Witches, and later bread into the seductive feline girls they are today.

She has characteristic feline ears and night-vision as expected by the nocturnal she still is. She has a minimal muzzle, long tail, paws for hands and feet and a smooth rubbery hide in with feline looking colouring or patterns. While her fingers are almost as long and slender as expected of the girl next door, there is a pad covering the lower half of the fingertip from the final joint to the semi square nail.

Her fore-paws retains the capability of grasping small objects as if they had been effeminate hands like before the original changes. Likewise her til is fully prehensile, helping her in her natural, daily life.

The Neko is commonly seen, working in Bars and similar open establishments, entertaining the clientele.

She is rarely seen wearing any actual clothes. She views the hide as a fur in the manner of regular house cats, and can't see the purpose of wearing clothes.

A Neko isn't exactly female, but neither is she fully male. She has the graceful appearance and movement of the feline, to the point some females are jealous of her.

On rare occasions, Nekos are held as pets.

She is typically working at an establishment such as a Bar, Tavern or Inn, where she is famous for her sensual dance in which her tail is a significant part.

Aside from the dance act, she is also known to serve the customers by the table, rather then from behind the bar like the tender.

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Comments ( 5 )
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June 16, 2016, 11:07
I hesitate to comment on this because Nekos are an already well-known race. I believe Scrasamax has something similar in his universe as well - I believe it was a post on flesh grafting / physical manipulation. Maybe check that out and see how this portrayal differs, and whether that difference can be explained / made useful for DMs.
June 16, 2016, 17:07
The problem is that most ideas end up unoriginal after a while. If I had a few links to similar or connected ideas, I could improve upon what I have and bounce off of what is established in order to distinguish my ideas as something more original and useful.
If I knew the details of your references, I could make more out of this.
Items like where they live, what they do and what they are useful for?
I have problems with finding what I am looking for, which is ingrained in how some are working their submissions and how the search engine works from what I gathered.
June 16, 2016, 21:25

Ok, seems like you will want to set up something like what Scrasamax has - namely a set of posts that all reference your world. As you point out - this requires consistently building a set of cross-referenced posts, and updating them as you add new material. Eventually you will be able to add a tag based on your world's name.

Check out some of Scrasamax's posts - he has high quality content.

Here is his Neko post: Neko_Augmentation

June 17, 2016, 2:43
From what I gathered, that is a moden to Sci-Fi interpretation of the subject, while mine is more on the Fantacy end of the board.
Consistency does make a significant difference, indeed.
I like how he tied his explanation in with old culture and lore and pointed at the WereWolf to make the point stick. It's enjoyable how he rounded up a subCulture to tie this into the real world as well.

Did you by chance allert him of my post, or was he telling you?

Thanks for the link, I certainly enjoyed the read as well.
Voted Aramax
January 24, 2017, 13:16

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