Special Equipment:



Long white beard, pointing hat, cane. Wrinkled skin, peculiar eyes, good natured face. He is always smiling, but when thinking, is face is like a stone.


Mytrian is, at least, 1200 years old. Since the dark ages, when the War of Titans was in its apogee, was Mytrian looking for the peace of the kingdom. He is the Choosen of Stratos, the Titan of Air.
Now Mytrian has a mission. He discover some dark influences in the queen, and suspects the existence of a possible brother. He is the leader of the conspiracy whose objective is to overthrow the manipulator who controls the young queen Celia, and bring peace to the land.

Roleplaying Notes:

You know a lot of things. You know the true behind all the conspiracies, but you cant talk about it. Stratos, your powerful master, has prohibited you to speak about it. You don't know the reasons, but you obey. And meanwhile, you try to do something without breaking your orders.
About interpretation, just be like Gandalf.

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