Mutants with useful mutations

Interesting ideas for interesting mutations.


Mutant #1
He has a hand growing out his back and a eye on the back of his head.
He is good at watching his back with a pistol or shield.
It is very difficult to sneak up to him from behind.

Mutant #2
He has a extra eye located in the palm of his hand.
This is good for peeking around corners and out of hiding without beeing detected.

Mutant #3
He has fingers instead of toes on his feet.
This makes him good at climbing and hanging upside down from branches, where he can trow stuff at people below.

Mutant #4
He has a hand between his legs.
With this he can steal stuff unnoticed from other people's belts (grab purses etc.) and put it in his pants.
He can also easy get rid of itching in the crotch area.


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Mutant #5

He has ball and socket joints in his fingers, toes, knees and elbows. Not only is the much greater range of motion really useful for scratching those difficult-to-reach places on his back, but it enables him to walk backwards fairly easily, contort himself into extremely difficult positions, and win countless bets in bars. As a side-note, his knees are almost impervious to pain, having been almost completely replaced with scar tissue from countless falls while learning to walk.


He has two bulging orbs protruding from his face. Each one has the ability to rotate freely within it's socket,allowing him to gain unrestricted observation of his suroundings from any angle,much like a chameleon's. Another useful physical attribute is the long and adhesive tongue that usally lies rolled up in his mouth,but is ever ready to shoot out like a rope of sticky fly-paper to trap whatever tasty morsel the mutant feels like dining on

Ruminant Digestive System - Allows the mutant to digest cellulose, allowing grass, paper, etc to be effectively used as food. Advanced forms would allow wood and similar materials to be effectively eaten (Though dental mutations would also be required).

Mutant may develop a distinctive pot-belly to accommodate the additional organs.

Advanced Digestive System - Mutant is able to derive nutrition from any non-corrosive carbon-based compound (ie. Crude Oil, plastics, etc).

Exotic Digestive System - Mutant is able to derive nutrition from bizarre chemical compounds -Chemosynthesis - any which contain chemical energy (eg. Hydrogen Sulfide) . Will require additional mutations to protect the body from the effects of such chemicals.

Photosynthesiser Mutant is able to photosynthesise, meaning it can generate its own food source as long as there is light. This would also mean that mutant was green, which would be fairly noticeable. It could be entirely green or just have green patches.

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Mutant #4 could also do something else with that hand when no ones looking. Lol. And Mutant #3'd jam his fingers everytime he stubbed his toes. Oh well.

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Didn't like this one in the forum. It didn't seem that useful. It is mostly filled with the silly. That which is not silly is simply a category of biotic abilities. If you prove me wrong, I'll change my vote.

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Unless people rescue this sub with more good additions, I know what my vote is going to be. The amount of work done on this sub looks to be under 5 minutes.

1. Spellcheck

2. Needs more added by original author - otherwise it should have been left an idea seed.

In addition to Moonhunter's concerns.

#1 is going to need more then a hand if they want to hold a pistol.

Mutant #2 is going to have problems with normal life - they can't do heavy work, play catch, fight, etc, without risking severe pain and probable injury. Imagine if they accidently put their hand on a stove?


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I had a shine of the great memories of Gamma World in my eye when I reviewed this poor neglected series of mishandled, misshapened mutants. It had to be resurrected else I couldn't live with myself. Consider it a balancer of those mediocre posts that never get inputted.

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Actually Strolen, dig out your old Gamma World books and just input a d100 worth of mutations. :)

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Who moved this from the forums? I know it wasn't the author.

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I did`nt use more than 5 minuets on this submission, but that dont mean its useless.

Im sorry for not writing here in over a year, but one of my closest friends totally put me off roleplaying for a while.

(It was his stupid homemade plot that went on for half a year, six months of downtime really)

Anyways, I would like to talk about cybernetics instead of mutations, if that is ok with you.

Cybernetics can be anything from modifications of your existing limbs to new bodyparts.

As prostethic thechnology evolves in the field of cosmetic operations to replacing lost limbs, we will eventually be able to do crazy changes to our bodies.


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Welcome back, Munald.

Just as a note, we have a Cybernetics codex/scroll for collecting the smaller and larger cybernetic enhancements, so if you cook up any interesting pieces, please post or link them there.

As for the submission itself... it is indeed a thread pulled out of the forums, and some polishing would be of use. With some more creative examples, it could even overcome the current skepticism.

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Okay, knowing that it was not intended as a normal sub cools my temper a lot. My apologies Munald!