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October 29, 2005, 12:15 pm

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Moses Duff


A bounty hunter who seems to reach full potential in battle while under the influence of alcohol. He is constantly traveling from pub to pub looking for work. He has stupidly accepted jobs assigned to kill werewolves, vampires, orcs, and the most fierce of beasts.

Special Equipment:

The Everlasting Cantine: Once a different liquid is dropped into the cantine, its everlasting supply will become that of which is dropped in. You get were im going with this right?


He trims a slim beardline along his jaw line. Due to his constant active life style, long journeys, and fierce battles, his physical state remains slim and built, which helps prevent the appearance of a bear gut.


Young Moses drinks to hopefully flush out his horribly vivid memmories of his parents death. He remembers it as if it was happening over and over again in his head…

His father owned a pub, and his mother served drinks and was a beautiful dancer. Moses would help his father at work and would play the flute for his mother to dance to and entertain the customers.

One night three wild drifters came to his father’s pub. Being a small peaceful town, dealing with rowdy customers was a new experience for his father, although he did keep a club under his counter in case of a robber. so instead of throwing out the visitors, he allowed them to hoot and hollar and cause scene.

After hours of drinking the rowdy drifters, became out of hand getting in fights and grabbing ladies; one being the mother of young Moses. Now Moses was seven at the time, and he knew when someone was going to far so he told his father what happened. His father told him to go get his club from under the counter and to wait outside. So Moses did as he was told. By now all the customers had left; either because they became too tired, or because of the rude new visitors. Moses can still remember the sound of wood smashing and the scream that made him run back in. His father looked beaten and bruised as one of the men held him by the troat and the other was stabbing him over and over again. His mother was nowhere to be seen. The two men then noticed Moses. He was first frozen with fear, tears ran down his cheek, he tried to run for the door but they were to fast for him. He noticed his father’s club and quickly grabbed it he was quite capable for a seven year old and swung it fiercely. They walked over slowly smiling and laughing. With all his might he flung the club from his hands and it hit the first guy, knocking him out. The other guy laughed at the fact of his comrad gettting knocked out by a mere child, and turned back at the boy. Suddenly almost out of no where, a knife flies through the air an goes right through the side of his throat. It was the knife used to kill his father. He through it as his last resort.

Moses called for his mother.  He ran to the pub’s cellar. He stopped and picked up the club just incase. He opened the door and could hear noises. He crept down the stairs slowly. Thats when he noticed him. The third drifter was raping the dead body of his mother. Without even thinking he ran down the stairs screaming tears running down his cheeks. The rapist still tired from his actions, was easily knocked over and clubbed to death by this now orphaned boy. It wasn’t long after that before the neighboring villagers arrived. If they had arrived thirty minutes earlier perhaps they could have saved the poor boy’s family. The villagers tied up the rapist and burned him at the stake that very night, but it still didn’t make the boy feel anymore comfortable with himself.

A close friend of the boy’s father took him in a treated him most kindly until the boy decided it was time for him to depart. Her never forgave himself for not being able to save his father and was very secluded and quiet. He decided to leave his foster home and seek out a profession dangerous enough to reunite him with his fallen loved ones; a bounty hunter.

Four years has passed since that night of his parents death, he is only eleven now, but after seeing the horrible images he has seen, that innocent youth and happy spirit of a young boy has long departed leavig only the body of a serious man bordering on the thoughts of suicide. But being catholic, he knew his father would never approve of suicide and instead found a loop hole. A job as a bounty hunter, but not killing mere humans, but the most dangerous of hit jobs ranking from orcs to vampires. His foster father tried his best to make the young boy reconsider, but being young he was very stubborn. He left and that was the last time he would return to that peaceful, quiet town.

He traveled alone for many months and wasn’t long before he arrived at the closest town. Alittle, dissappointed that he was not greeted by any robbers or killers on his venture, he seeked out the towns bounty hunter, in hopes of training and guidance. He knew that no one would kill a mere child for no reason so instead of commiting suicide or hiring a someone to kill him, he would merely take part in the most dangerous of professions. The more he knew of his newfound profession the easier it would be to get people to hire him for the most extreme of jobs. No one would send an eleven year old, let alone an amateur to fight a professionals battle. He asked around if anyone knew of any bounty hunters in the town. Most of the people he asked laughed and told him to go home to his parents but one did not. One man actuaclly helped the young lad. One that would change his life around.

An elder chinese drunk told him that he knew of a school that could train him to fight with that of a warrior and take down an opponent no matter the challenger. Curious he asked the old man if this training could be used as a bounty hunter. The elder just stared the boy up and down and said go to the school and train. After your training, if you still wish to be a bounty hunter, then the answer would be yes. So the boy did as he was told and went to the school. No one was there when he arrived so he decided to grab something to eat with what money his foster father gave him and fell asleep on the schools steps.

Upon morning Moses woke to find the elder chinese man, drunk out of his mind he presumed, next to him asleep with an empty bottle of gin in his hand. First startled he shook the man and asked what he was doing there. The chinese man smiled and asked why should you get all of the free sleeping area. Moses thought up a lie, telling the china man he was orphaned at a young age and left to fend for himself and wanted to learn to fight for himself. He then told him that he liked the idea of bounty hunter and wanted to persue a career in it. After his story he asked the drunk of the where abouts of the teacher. The drunk smiled and said he was the teacher. Feeling even more dissappointed the boy got up and started to walk off. The chinese man got up and threw the empty botle into the air and kicked it. It flew at an incredible speed passed the boys head and hit the stone pillar supporting the sign that said the Drunken Master’s dojo. The bottle shatter denting the pillar with cracks. The boy turned around in astonishment that a glass jug could dent stone. He apologized and asked to train under his guidance. The dojo master accepted and told the boy his name; Jin Xiyoungg.

In a way, Master Jin became the new foster father to Moses and kept the boy as his own son. He explained to Moses why a chinese man came all the way out here to the middle of no where. He Explained that china did not approve of his teachings and he had traveled many places searching for a town that would allow of his dojo. His training began with the basics. He then grew to be able to brake stone, jump extreme heights and move faster then any elf could. He never explained to his master though why he training or of his intentions to use these skills to gain enough respect to be considered to fight beasts that would surely take him down. Being the young boy he was, he was stupid enough to think this was the only option. He continued his charade of a happy boy still haunted by the nightmares of his parents death. The master also never told him Moses that while training, Jin was actually teaching drunken monkey. A style that the user could only achieve full potential while drunk and the only stle he knew how to teach. His master never gave him any alchohol and never told him of this secret for this art is very shameful and he didn’t want te boy drinking at a young age. Master Jin thought since the boy would most likely end up in a bar fight, he would learn of his gift then. However, he never did learn of this ift, and actually drinks in hopes of making the fight go easier to his opponent.

The boy had become a man and his training had been completed. Master Jin would constantly ask Moses what troubled him, or why he was always so sad and always so fierce in battle. He never confessed of his true past. He some how managed to keep his emotions bottled up with in and this caused him severe psychological trauma. However his master never managed to discover this fact. He never managed to establish an emotional or parental connection with the child as he would never open up to him in that way. So when the child left no hugs were exchanged, no tears were shed, and no emotions were shown. He merely stated farewell and took off. Ten years have passed, ten years of training, ten years of fighting, and tens years of Guidance.

Moses moved on to the next town and waited in the pub for work. The pub remided him of his father and felt the atmosphere quite relaxing. He would get drunk and then leave for his small little room in the towns inn. He did this for weeks now until one day a man came in asking for help. He asked everyone in the pub. He then came over to Moses and told him of his troubles. ASn orc had stolen his wife and he was to scared to do anything. So Moses finally got his first job. And he was determined to make it his last. He picked up his bottle and left to where the man explained for him to go. He got himself completely drunk in an attempt to end his life quickly. Much to his dissappointment, he learned of his hidden gift. He actually got better at fighting. He took down the orc in less then ten minutes.

After that job, he now searches for even tougher challenges. Word of his name quickly spread. His travels have brought him many places, gotten many items, and tried many liquors.

Roleplaying Notes:

The Character has been known to walk in during the most intense situations.
He Can be found in a location that includes a pub, or the ability to obtain alcohol.
He is an extremely well fighter, his drunken state allows him to make harshly rapid decisions during battle, allowing him to escape from most harmful situations.
He does stumble occasionally; Like onto obvious traps or into the most plain of ambushes.

Plot Hooks
This character may have knowledge for other PCs or act as an assistant in battle. For a price he can accompany any PC. His travels give him an extreme abbundancy of knowledge dealing with treasures, locations, and people. He is bought and very easily pursuaded by females.

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Comments ( 16 )
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Dragoon God
April 6, 2005, 11:24
Pretty good so far,I like it.
April 6, 2005, 12:30
Everlasting cantine: I'll just drop in a healing potion, okay?
I'd like to have it i.v., please.
Barbarian Horde
April 6, 2005, 16:01
he's alright, i guess I mean I can see him being run into during a roleplay scene or even being used to help fight someone I would like to see him being used first, before i can decide really
April 6, 2005, 18:11
No, no, no.

First of all, the Everlasting Canteen is an invitation to munchkinism- like Echo said, just fill it with healing potion, and BAM, just like that, you're invincible.
Gem of Enhancement is boring, leave it out.

I thought maybe the background would be interesting, and it was, up until the part where he began to wander around and "fight for a living".

By the way, is English your first language? Just for reference.

Barbarian Horde
April 7, 2005, 8:45
ok, can be better. Like Capt.Penguin said, wandering is boring, maybe next edit will be better. lose the cantine. Its stupid, but everything else pretty good.
April 7, 2005, 8:59
Man I'm not doing to good on this site... Oh well back to the drawing board.
Dragoon God
April 7, 2005, 11:59
Well Cap'n, I beg to differ. My character Tython is known as The Wanderer and he got a 4/5. I think he deserves a 3/5, he did much better then me when I started, and deserves credit. Loki, you should tell more about his travels and adventures though, dont be afraid to be descriptive.
April 10, 2005, 10:21
Loki... think about your posts before you post them. If it has a cliche built into its existance... little alarms should be going of in your head warning you of potential danger....

Not everyone needs to see their parent(s) murdered before their eyes. Sigh.

First how old was he? Do we have another toddler running down the road? Was he six? Why wasn't he adopted by someone? (or at least scooped up by monks)? Was he 12 or 13? No relatives? Nobody in the community noticed?

In ten years what has happened? Where did he learn to fight? Who apprenticed him into the bounty hunting? How did he get into this gig?

As for being a waunderer. It depends on the purpose for waundering. If a character does not have a goal or reason for its waundering, it should have an explanation on why the character is broken and waundering.
April 11, 2005, 9:58
hey thanks for the tips moonhunter those were things I've never even thought about. I'm gonna fill in those blanks right now.
April 11, 2005, 10:52
I'm not sure if I answered all those unanswered questions yet if not I'm sorry. I'm editting this guy during school and I gotta go to my next class.
Dragoon God
April 11, 2005, 12:27
Dude, belive me, you want to put in spaces. It looks really unorganized when you dont, so be sure to edit. Also, if he wants to die, why would he want to learn to fight well?
Why waste all those years when he could of gotten killed in a bar fight? Why does he drink beer all of a sudden?
His master never allowed it, so wouldnt he of toaght him not to drink alcohol? Still too many questions, not enough answers.
Ancient Gamer
April 11, 2005, 14:27
Please, please, please!

Edit that chunk of text! Add space! Add paragraphs! Please!
Cheka Man
April 11, 2005, 14:33
Agggggggggggggghhhh! Bring the paragraphs back! Nobody will want to read that solid chunk of text.
April 11, 2005, 14:39
"He knew that no one would kill a mere child for no reason so instead of commiting suicide or hiring a someone to kill him, he would merely take part in the most dangerous of professions."
"Being the young boy he was, he was stupid enough to think this was the only option."
"Master Jin thought since the boy would most likely end up in a bar fight, he would learn of his gift then."
I think i answered all your questions dragoon god. I guess since it was so cluttered, it was hard to pick these little tidbits up. I'll be sre to edit in spaces later, since I gotta go again.
April 12, 2005, 22:09
Wow who knew I could stretch such a strange idea so far? I'm actually still coming up with ideas to throw in but im afraid of over doing it. Oh I've updated with spaces this time. :) Do you think posting anymore would be over doing one character?
Voted axlerowes
April 30, 2018, 22:43
A lot of what happened, not what’s happening-that is never good. There is a lot of energy in the story telling and it does okay mixing genres. Plus the name is cool, a good starting platform, just a little overlong for what it actually offers.

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