Monster Seeds

These magic seeds, when planted, will cause a random creature to spring from the ground after a short interval. The first sentient being they see within a short distance (100’ at most) becomes imprinted on them and is referred to in the following as the ‘planter’. The GM can choose the monster, or create a random list appropriate to their campaign.

The seeds can be found in various containers, which may or may not be labelled, though usually in small quantities.
The monster is real, cannot be dispelled and the effect has no time limit apart from the natural lifespan of the monster. Normally the monster will be a young adult of its species, but of course the GM may set it at whatever stage works best. For example, some of the more deadly creatures could be balanced by having them spring forth immature.

Note, Seeds will activate if they get wet, bursting out of their container. +2 on the imprinting table roll - this makes them grumpy.

To use the tables, first roll on the Complication table below and then apply any modifiers to a d10 roll on the imprinting table.

Imprinting Table

At some point. I will create a Generator for this one, especially if asked :)

Tables were made using The Homebrewery. https://homebrewery.naturalcri...

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