The Bureau of IP Enrichment is a public branch of the Ministry of Fandom dedicated to assisting creators and authors who wish to bring diversity into their works. It consists of top level experts in the IPs including lore and other finer details. The mission of this branch is to help create diverse materials within existing IPs without falling into the traps of tokenism and identity politics.

This branch will works with fans and authors to accomplish this task along with professional writers, artists, and worldbuilders to create diverse content that flows well within the existing lore and canon of the IP or craft additional lore so that it doesn't stick out like a sore thumb. For inspiration, various historians and experts in various cultures are also consulted for advice but are made aware that they have no creative control over the works.

Some of the more recent accomplishments include:

Helping a licensee create a tv show about a popular game series without being inconsistent with the established lore. The licensee wanted to have a dark skinned character be included in a sub plot thoughout the show. The Bureau worked with the licensee and authors of the source materials and with the help of some professional creators and fans, managed to locate an existing in universe source for such characters. A unique character with a complete backstory consistant the established lore was then created from scratch and included in the series.

A comic book author of a popular series wanted to create a Rule 63 version of a main character. (Rule 63 of the Internet states: If it exists, there is a genderswapped version of it. No exceptions.) The Bureau helped create an AU (Alternate Universe) of the comic as a spin off series and give the character a unique background of its own with the help of some professional writers and fans. This preserved the main canon of the comic while still allowing for a great story to be told.

The biggest project that the Bureau took up was the creation of an entire expansion to the lore of an existing IP with loads of new fluff and background in order to include a character with a non-binary gender. This was a huge effort between multiple fans, professional writers, artists, worldbuilders, experts in constructed languages, and scientists in verious fields. What became of it was an entirely new hunk of lore that merged smoothly with the existing lore to draw future characters and storylines from. The new character was given its own backstory and traits as well.

A more controversial project the Bureau took up was addressing racial stereotypes in a new book IP by helping the author create elaborate lore that fully justifies those stereotypes that are not possible to criticize without literal nitpicking. It included a comprehensive history, timeline, and other major backstory elements created with the help of professional worldbuilders and writers. In fact, the published book was written so well, that no one even noticed the stereotypes at all. Not even the sensitivity reader (professional snowflake) the author hired could find anything potentially offensive to anyone who would likely read the book. Meaning the audience that would be most likely to get offended by the book was never the target audience to begin with. The most important thing was that you could not just change the pollitically incorrect elements without completely starting over from scratch. This was exactly what both the author and the Bureau intended.

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