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December 22, 2015, 10:54 am

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Memetic Measurement


The main commodity in the Cosmic Era is data and communication, in the form of social media, entertainment, advertising, and other electronic sources of information. The spread of this data is measured in a unit known as a meme (also spelled meem)

One Meme

One meem represents a single coherent thought, image, catchphrase or relative idea. This is typically limited to a single image, tweet sized idea, or a 6 second vine clip.

Sharing is Caring, ???, Profit!

The propagation of a meme is measured by the number of times it is interacted with in the virtual environment. This counts the number of times it is shared, liked, modified, and otherwise ripples outwards from it's point of origin. Thus, the value of the original meme is measured by how far it spread, typically measured at it's highest point, and then cross referenced by how long it maintained visibility.

1 meem

The initial idea, look at this picture of my lunch. This is represented as a mm (millimeme) as it has virtually no presence

1 Centimeme

The initial idea has been liked and shared within a small social circle. Grandma likes my cat wearing a bow tie picture. This is represented as a cm (centimeme) as it has a very small, very specific presence. (1 cm = 10 mm)

1 Decimeme

The initial idea has broken out of the initial circle and into several other circles, and been shared a number of times. This is represented as a dm (decimeter) and has something of a central appeal. This is a seldom used term. (1 dm = 100 mm)

1 Meme

This is the threshold for anyone to take a basic meme seriously, and it has been spread at least 1000 times. Look at my cleavage, look at this wreck, look at this robot being blown away. This is represented as a M (meem versus meme).

1 Dekameme

The dekameme has now been propagated 10,000 times, and is comparable to the average meem generated by a celebrity, something espousing a strong social value or something else of social relevance. Like decimeme, the term is seldom used. (1 DM = 10 M, 10M = 10,000 mm)

1 Kilomeme

The kilomeme is the most common measurement of widescale social media, representing a meem that has been shared 100,000 times. This is the basic unit of measurement for advertising campaigns, measuring the social penetration of propaganda, and other information reaches. A small business ad campaign might be 1 KM, while the day to day social reach of a large corporation could be 100 KM, and something like the national government, megacorporation, or megaceleb wardrobe malfunction could be 1,000 KM or more.

1 Megameme

The megameme represents 1 million propagations, representing very successful and viral marketing campaigns. The MM is a gold record level achievement in most data sharing circles.

1 Gigameme

The gigameme as been shared 1 billion times, and has likely been seen by almost every person alive in the Cosmic Era. People without access to the CogNet or other data sharing mediums are likely aware, even if tangentally, of the initial meme. GMs are rare, with there likely being fewer than a handful a decade.

1 Terameme

The terameme (TM) has been shared a trillion times, and not only is it very well known, it is likely an older meem that is both popular and has had time to circle the world a few times, also likely to have oscillating periods of interest where the meem rises quickly in relevance before slipping back down. While this can be a matter of interest, it can also be a reflexive sharing that is greeted with 'not this shit again'

1 Petameme

At 1 quadrillion propagations, the petameme is a theoretical measurement. Thus far, no meem has been shared a quadrillion times, but if it had, it would be the sort of meem that resonates on more than one majorly populated planet, or it is the unmeasured axioms, colloquialisms such as 'hello' or 'nice tits'

1 Exameme

1 quintillion propagations. Purely hypothetical, but the meem would have spread through a significant portion of the galaxy.

1 Zettameme

1 sextillion propagations. Purely hypothetical, the meem would be well known across the entire galaxy.

1 Yottameme

1 septillion propagations. Purely hypothetical, the meem is a foundation part of the genetic code, and is known through a significant portion of the known universe.

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Comments ( 4 )
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Voted Dossta
December 28, 2015, 14:19
As with many of the Cosmic Era subs, I can see this being used very shortly in the ad biz or with governments. Already we experience kilomemes and megamemes, with even a few gigamemes (a la Gangnam Style), sprinkled in.

Are the various parodies, modifications, and remixes considered part of the original meme, in this system? Do they add a modifier to its score, or are they considered separate entities?
December 28, 2015, 15:54
Good questions, and it really depends on who is asking. If the corporate sponsor is asking, just the original meme in it's intended purpose. From a cultural or societal angle, all the variations would be valid.
Voted Mageek
December 29, 2015, 12:03
I imagine entirely companies built around the idea of trawling the interwebs for fresh memes that haven't circulated yet, quickly buying them from their creators, and then selling them to the highest bidder for their next political campaign, ad run, etc.
Voted valadaar
November 25, 2016, 11:55
I need to make a graphic with the text "We've broken the Gigameme Barrier Captain!"

And to add to this, one could consider Virility the rate of change of Memes.

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