At first glance, he appeared to be like all the other homeless: layers of odd clothing cobbled together for warmth and protection; hiker's pack and bedroll on his back; long, scraggly, salt-and-pepper beard; thick hair pulled back into a ponytail; dusty hat perched upon his head. On that first glance, he was easy to ignore, for he did not smell like the other homeless, and thus was easy to dismiss.

He also didn't panhandle, and often paid for food by doing odd jobs for folks. He had a simple, easy-going manner that people found disarming and did a fine job of turning their expectations upside down. Even seeing his missing grill, fully exposed in a heart-felt laugh, did not evoke the kind of wariness one reserved for tweakers.

That was, of course, until he beat his marks to death with calm, professional skill. After that, he would wander off, vanishing from easy sight and on his way to the next town and the next paying gig.

Mark Greaves was once a normal, middle class man with a normal, middle class job in sales. Until the day he offended one of the fey folk and was cursed with a life of destitution. The curse was very simple: Any money he received would never last more than a day, for all sorts of mundane-seeming reasons.

His first days on the streets were rough ones. His cozy life had not prepared him for the raw necessities of survival on the streets.

And yet he eventually found his niche in assassinations. From rich billionaires seeking to avoid legally troubling divorces and business partners acing each other out, to revenge for thefts or outlaw justice for brutalities overlooked by the law, Mark Greaves will take on any and all jobs with the same kind of dispassionate professionalism belied by his unkempt appearence. And he'll do it for a burger, fries, and a shake.

Mark has a way of surreptitiously running into his future clients, a fact that makes him wonder about the full nature of his curse.

PCs may run into Mark in any location, rural or urban. They may even see him more than once, as he rarely stops traveling for more than a week at a time.

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