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July 13, 2007, 2:24 pm

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Maric the Orator


"I am not an ambitious man. I am a farmer, like many of you I am glad to say. And like you my pride does suffer because of my role, for it is farmers that make our empire great, I know this and you know this, only our great and illustrious leaders are in the dark, but if you make me Tribune I assure you I will let them know!"
Maric Ameus addressing crowds in the capital

Maric lives in the Empire, its capital city to be more precise. The city of Doman is the centre, heart and soul of the empire. The Empire is ruled by the senate. The senate is made up of delegations from several factions that constitute the empire. The army is represented, so is the magery, the nobles, all kinds of artists and the imperial enforcers a kind of internal military. All delegations elect a tribune from among their number to serve for 5 years. These men sit on the council of tribunes. It is in this council that all the important decisions are made, without much consultation with their delegation. They elect the leader of the empire every year, most of the time the same person. Some have the power of veto and most have multiple votes.

However the Agricultural delegation and tribune only has one vote, cannot veto and has not allies. The creation of a Agricultural tribune was a political device of the former leader of the council. Even though he represents more of the population than any other he is despised and ignored by the council of tribunes. For now. 

Current Description and Position
Maric is currently 38 years of age and approaching the time in his career when he either gains a powerful position or fades from memory. He is tall, dark haired and heavy built. Maric is a stunning orator and sly politician whose voice it is said, could change the weather.

He wears a brown robe, representing the farmer or agricultural faction he belongs to. He is currently chief speaker of the agriculture delegation and is now running for election to the position of Tribune. His emotive speeches make even his enemies gleam with adoration and his supporters glad of choice.

Personal and Political History
He was indeed a farmer, or at least born into one of the riches farming families. He always had political ambitions though at first he was nervous weak boy when he made his first speeches.

All that changed when he met Stenocles, who was a great elvan orator. The elves being finer speakers than any man. So first the elf designed a strict plan of physical exercise. He made Maric speak to him from what seemed like a mile away in a loud but not raised voice. When Maric asked Stenocles why he simply said "No great note was sounded from a reed pipe but from a sturdy horn."

Furiously he persevered because he was a man of great ambition. He was taught how gain sympathy with charm and such, to find something to trick yourself into believing in his argument. But above all he learned that all that really mattered was delivery of a speech and that content paled in importance when the style, charisma and presence of the speaker was taken into account.

But his training was cut short when his master and all other elves in Imperial territory, were banished, and had a month to leave. This was the order of the current head tribune known as the One Sage. It was in preparation for the coming war with the elvish nations. His friend however was killed by drunken imperial enforcers two weeks before the deadline.

Pained and disillusioned by the injustice, Maric gave a stirring speech about the wrongs of the The One Sage and the other tribunes. Yet his speech was laced with anger and spite. While this attracted the violent men and people who already hated the council of tribunes, but the decent and honest people were unable to connect with such a malicious speaker.

Soon he was captured and flogged. But it was not the One Sage that gave the order. The head tribune had the farming tribune, Galrus do the honors. Not only did it seem Maric was not representing the farmers of the population and their tribune but it would not seem that the One Sage needed to remove political opposition. Besides the One Sage did not rule by fear and it was not wise to change policy. Maric did not last long and agreed to publicly apologize. To the crowd watching it seemed the One Sage graciously accepted and mercifully pardoned Maric. But all he released was a broken, now harmless man.

Yet things changed and to take things for granted in any context is a dangerous policy indeed. Two years later after Maric had meditated, studied and practised his art everyday, he gave the sufficient bribe required for entry into the farmers’ delegation. Later after giving strong, decent speeches in favor of the war and the One Sage, the content of which was consistent with all of the head Tribunes’ policies, Galrus deemed that Maric had changed and nominated him to become a Delegate(senator) of the agricultural faction.

It must be understood that Galrus did this because he could not ascertain any threat from the man and because a seat taken by a weakling was one less that could be taken by a potential adversary.

But once narrowly elected to the Farmers’ Delegation he revealed the true extent of his ambitions. Maric gave orations that made his earlier, standard speeches seem like a beggar’s ravings. When he spoke he had already formed a strong emotional connection with his subject, which was always one that the people held in their hearts. When he stood on a podium Maric spoke with such insight that it seemed he was giving voice to the people’s innermost desirers. And such a voice! Many exclaimed that the gods could hear him. Yet he never ever raised his voice and Maric’s calm was something the One Sage himself envied.

Even with all this it was years before Maric gained enough support to be voted Administrator, followed by an appointment as a Prime Speaker. It became clear that Maric was after the Trubune’s seat and that such was his momentum that nothing would stop him. He managed to gain allies by promising an end to the subservience of the farmers’ faction. The notion that his ideals changed and faded under pressure or when he felt like it dissipated under his defence that the was as nothing to the way in which Galrus barked and jumped when the One Sage snapped his fingers. At least Maric had a reason: necessity. What necessity was greater when it came to the wellbeing of the faction.

When Galrus saw the danger of Maric overthrowing him he began to take steps to get rid of him. In order to remain in the Delegation long enough to gain enough support to ensure his protection he made an alliance with Terrec, the main opponent of Galrus and chief speaker. Terrec used the power of this alliance to take Galrus’ place as tribune. Terrec was a much more cunning enemy to have than the cowardly Galrus. Yet the Maric absorbed the leftovers of Galrus’ supporters and 18 months later he became chief speaker.

From there he launched an election campaign for tribuneship and the rest is up to the voters.

Roleplaying Notes
Maric has many enemies and assassination is rife in the Imperial capital. The PC’s have an option of trying to assassinate or protect him. Whatever the choice, many different forces are gathering to play a part and knives from most of political factions will be used in support of or against Maric who could or could not deliver on his promises.

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Comments ( 5 )
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Voted Cheka Man
July 13, 2007, 17:26
He's ok.
Voted Scrasamax
July 14, 2007, 1:22
Great backstory, though the Roman elements are pretty heavy and obvious. Well written on the whole, but to be honest it's not something I could/would use in a game.
July 16, 2007, 10:21
Well to be honest he's a character im goin to use in a story im writing so he isn't really meant for a game.
Voted manfred
July 16, 2007, 15:12
He's not bad, but he lost my vote when he started claiming he is not an ambitious man. :D

Oh, those politicians...
July 16, 2007, 16:43
It is a good post over all. Compared to many of your submissions this is stellar and beyond belief. It is a very good sub.

The only catch is that it is not "plug and play". You need to have that political system in play to use him. It is hard to adapt that to anything but a senatorial system. So he is interesting, but of no utility.

IMO If you wanted 4+ scores, you should break this one down into two submissions. The first is an outline of the political system. That would be interesting and useful. The second would be Maric, who would now shine because he helps illuminate and exemplify the political system. Breaking it down such would help you hone and define the setting elements, making the writing in such a setting easier.

However, since you are simply writing character sets for your writing, you will not be interested in scores.

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