Mandible Silvio stands two feet tall, has blackened skin and blue teeth. Is facial features are haggard and sickly.
Wherever he goes a small sun of bright burning fire circles his head.


~~~Mandible Silvio started out as a great sculptor of clay I tell you. No more need be said about His personae.~~~

From the very short book- Volamain, me deeds, history and Skull Tower recorded.

Once upon a time in Hell a great demon of electricity struck a bargain with the famous demon named Arrkrash. They decided too create a wizard demon by mating. An offspring capable of great things in the mortal realms. As the pact was formed and mating took place a small creature quickly emerged from the womb of Arrkrash. The loving parents named him mandible Silvio. His was the Power!

Mandible Silvio quickly ascended to the mortal realm. There he took the trade of pottery. He loved to let his fingers slide trough wet clay and shape the mud to his liking.
Later on he decided to build the Downwards tower as a trading hub and a focus of his powers. To protect His great halls and caves circling ever downwards to the center of the earth he created 171 clay golems and imbued in them Life!

His tower was a great success, Dwarves, Goblins, Trolls and all kinds of beasts living underground came there to trade, work out their problems and so on and so forth. Mandible Silvio even saw fit to crate a bank in his vast halls. here he loaned out money to vampire lords, goblins, orcs and other nasties. In short, all went well for Mandible. Until one day, that fateful day that his favorite slave Volomain left him. he was so upset that he went into a house in a village and killed two people with a staff. They had a baby in a cradle, it was named Amadeius. He turned him into a raven and left. A few years later he heard that the kid had killed everybody and he went to his house and left him the staff he had murdered his parents with. Later on he heard that Ravenman was looking for him too kill him and that he could kill from the sky.

He then went into hibernation for many years. But now rumor has it that he is back, and wants the income from the loans his bank gave out.

Special Equipment

A small sun that circles him and has great power.
Some pottery.

Roleplaying Notes


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