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These stones, often found in wall-like stacks look like ordinary blocks in a wall. Individual size being typically 18"x12"x12". Though there is no mortar they seem to be tenaciously attached together. Out of the corner of the eye they appear to "breathe".
The Living Stone was fashioned by a wizard Xarn, wishing to have a more versatility in his tower space; he worked hard to create this magical creature. He thought that if the stones could re-organize on their own, if he spoke with them, they may be persuaded to fulfill his spacial needs. With his powerful magic he melded numerous creatures; A slug- for its tenacious grip to nearly anything, bees - for the collective mind, stone-kin - for their look and feel and communal attitudes. The creation he called a Living Stone. They perceive their enviroment through tiny vibrations. if needed the master can "see" in his mind's eye what the walls see, like a compound eye. These blocks must be near to the master or others of their kind to communicate.
The Living Stone feed on the surrounding natural stone to grow. They will become dormant if not provided with misting of rosewater mixed with blood. (Most involved keepers of these Living Stone will also keep some Vampire Roses as they provide easy misting materials.) The stones do not breath so they are at home in virtually any environment.
They move slowly but fast enough, that if an attuned being thinks of a desired shape, in an hour, the Living Stone have moved to suit.
Reproduction and Breeding:
These creatures typically bud when they are confined in growth. If a specific shape is desired, they must be shaped before they harden, typical a ten-day. From there they will continue to grow, holding to that shape throughout life. If left alone, they look like large stones, even boulders. As they are rarely allowed to grow wildly, it is unknown how their society structure would self-appointed. A breeder will need a supply of stone and rosewater with blood. And something with the psychic imprint of the master, which is left with them during the attuning period, approximately two ten-day. Childhood loved toys, or cherished items are often use for this purpose. Currently Xarn breeds extras to sell as wall-off "clutches" (enough to create a living secret doorway) or a "family" of three or four for security. The secrets to their creation or breeding are not for sale, and are closely guarded.


Each of these stones will attune itself to a master (viewing that being as the queen bee as it were) Once attuned, the stone and its kin, will try and fulfill the request of the master. If born after initial attunment, it will assume the same master as the hive mind.
Hive Mind:
They are hive-minded creatures (like bees) and work as one entity to change or reorganize to meet their masters needs. They appear to breathe when they communicate with the master
The stone-like skin is in fact hard like stone, but can be controlled minutely, They can roughen their skin (like goose bumps) to become easier to grip. They have even been known to shift or move in and out of their stack. The individual stones were developed with an oil like defense which works in two ways. The oil can be secreted to make them slippery, resisting forcible relocation. The same oil can be forced out violently, much like a skunk used when being attacked. This oil when atomized and breathed in causes nausea and violent vomiting.

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