Fascinated by: It is considered unhealthy for an Agent of the Al'yans Yevraziya Vnutrenniy Intelligentsiya (AYVI) to have an interest in the lives and experiences of non-Alliance citizens, and Lilya is fascinated by the seemingly moral bankruptcy and digital addiction of the the Atlantic Federation and it's citizens.

Seduced by: Lilya was seduced by the state and the intelligence apparatus, who took her patriotism and enthusiasm to serve as justification to send her through psychotronic re-education, turning her passion into a weaponized skillset.

Offended by: Having seen the wealth, power, and corruption of the Federation, the Alliance, and most other governments, Lilya is offended by the sheer amount of waste that goes into the military industrial complex, and vulgar displays of power are nothing more than insults to the face of the destitute and needy across multiple worlds.

Frightened by: There is one thing that deeply frightens Lilya, and that is that her patriotism was exploited, and that the things that were done to her will keep her from ever having a semblance of a normal life, and at the end of the road, there will be nothing for her, not even a state funeral, no flag draped coffin, no one remembering her.

(Inspired by Black Widow, Agent 12 is a psychotronic trained spy/saboteur)

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