This Glyph is a morass of molten metals, constantly shifting in an everlasting dance of silver, gold, and platinum. The surface of the Glyph slowly changes, but is always cool to the touch. It is roughly half a foot across and tall.

The symbol itself is etched with acid directly into the strange material used to create the Glyph. It seems to writhe when closely scrutinized, and anyone who tries to study the Glyph in depth usually ends of with a splitting headache. Although the number of lines used to create the Glyph are finite, they have never been counted.

Magical Properties:

The Glyph of Change can only be inscribed onto shields, amulets, or other relatively large, flat pieces of metal. Whenever its power is invoked, the Glyph glows brightly and produces one of thousands of possible, random effects. The Glyph must be targetted at a specific object or creature to work. Examples are:

1) Strands of webbing explode from the Glyph, entangling the target.
2) Ghostly corpselight illuminates the surrounding area in a 30-foot sphere, demoralizing the living and strengthining the undead.
3) The target immediately grows half of a foot.
4) The skin of the target begins to bubble and run, flesh turning molten and swirling into itself. Despite the horrific appearence, the target becomes immune to lesser wounds, which simply disappear into the tide of swirling flesh.
5) The target instantly changes gender.
6) A furious demon-portal is opened directly in front of the Glyph, and a monster of unspeakable horror suddenly sparks into existence.
7) Time stops for everyone except for the wielder and the target.
8) 101 doves explode out from the Glyph.
9) With a single sonorous note, the Glyph inspires feelings of peace in a sphere 100 feet in diameter.
10) The target is turned to solid gold.
11) A burning ray of sunlight strikes the target, searing his flesh.
12) The target immediately lays an egg, which is relative to its size. The egg does not hatch.
13) A psychic bond links the target and the wielder, and the winner of the mental duel that ensues seizes control of the other's body.
14) The wielder is immediately clothed in robes of the darkest shadow. The target is immediately covered with shimmering robes of white.
15) A spear manifests directly out of the Glyph and is hurled in a random direction. It homes in on the nearest living thing.
16) A large chair pops into existence directly behind the target.
17) The target immediately feels nourished and full.
18) The ears of everyone within a 50 foot sphere grow half a foot in length.
19) An enormous hand suddenly manifests halfway between the wielder and the target.
20) The target and everything (including floor, furniture, and atmosphere) in a sphere 10 feet wide are teleported 100 feet in the air.

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