Looks like an ordinary torch. No piece of art, fits well into heaps of torches adventurers are used to carry around.

Who or what is actually inside? Unknown.
- a watcher, that just likes action and found a safe way to see some
- a spy, someone is VERY interested in the heroes, may be a villain, may be not
- a prisoner, there's something inside, and cannot get out, and cannot communicate with the outside world. Would work nicely like the spy, for only so can it hope in its freedom. Perhaps burning the torch will kill it.

What does it want?
- wants to stay around and observe
- avoid attention
- cannot allow itself to be used (should it burn indefinitely, it attracts much attention, burning down means it gets thrown away, maybe even killed)

Why? What is it for? A very nice purpose is to lead the PLAYERS to paranoia. One or more PC's are told they feel watched, and if the Summon torches power is used, right when they need it, then surely someone plays with them. Maybe some powerful magic should kill them, but releases the being instead. What? We carried you for two years around? Maybe they get cast Remove Curse and something else happens. Or they just wanted a magic item, and got it :-)

Magical Properties:

Suggestion - if you reach for a torch, you will surely not pull out this one.
Help - 1/day, may give a +2 bonus to any action performed with a torch (even to enemies), to show that torches are useful and encourage the wearer to use them, and wear them as much as possible.
Summon torches - 1/week, only in extreme cases, like when they consider to use their last one(=this one). Summons 10d3 ordinary torches in the heroes' vicinity, but out of sight - so they accidentally stumble into them just behind the corner.
Fuzzy Detect - may be hard to detect magic, just shows there is something magical nearby.
Control Fire - of torches, of course.

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