Special Equipment:

Lancid always carries his staff, dirk, blanket, and cloak with him at all times. He used to have a map of the world, but he got bored one day and burned it.


His flowing brown hair washes down to the middle of his back. This is held in place by a black leather thong. He shaves his face when he stumbles across a stream or pond; or he collects rainwater and uses that. He usually has nicks once he's done shaving, and has several mild scars from run-ins with his dirk. His skin is not exceptionally pale or tan. He has the muscle he needs to live, and no more or less. Lancid stands at 5' 11' and likes to run when he's not winded. His eyes are grey-blue, then orange on the inner iris. Things he likes to do are: play the hammered dulcimer, throw dice, and nap. He also likes to travel and see places. He doesn't particularly like anyone or anything over anyone or anything else. His mannerisms may seem boring, but he leads a calm, wistful life. Lancid seems to exhibit a true affinity to rain, though. It pervades his being with calm, and makes his thoughts(which are few) calm.


Lancid used to have a different name, and body; this he knows. He just has no recollection of what he was before he woke up one morning on an Earth-like planet. It rained constantly on the planet, and he grew to love it. He searched for years trying to find someone on the planet, but no one was there. He ate shrubbery and small game when he lived there. Eventually, Lancid found an abandoned machine. He sat in a chair within the console of the machine, and punched a few buttons randomly. He was immediately transported back to Earth and its species likewise. He now roams about freely, under no real authority.

Roleplaying Notes:

There seems to be a void about his eyes. When he stares at you, you know he can penetrate into your very thoughts, but he seems not to care about it. In fact, he does just about everything objectively.

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