The Gynoid

The original production of gynoids, or female androids, was rather uncouthly for the purpose of sexual intercourse. The fembot is still present, and in some cases represents the cutting edge of human machine simulation. The L Type Gynoid represents the average production HI/R gynoid. The unit is 165 cm tall and masses 64 kg and these measurements are uniform through the L type model lines.


It is a common misconception that Human Interaction and Relations is a PC and long winded phrase for 'sexbot'. This could not be farther from the truth. HI/R designed droids are built to function in society in menial roles such as cashiers, waitresses, attendants and other jobs that don't require special training or skill. They have larger vocabularies and better learning programming for talking to humans and interacting with them on a more natural level. It is a great disappointment to many technophiles that almost all L Type gynoids are not anatomically correct. If any of the units are disrobed they have bodies that resemble Ken and Barbie dolls. There are lumps and bulges where there need to be lumps and bulges so that they look normal dressed, but the simulation is only clothes deep.

HI/R Droids Purpose in Society

In the Cosmic Era, the world population is considerably less than it is today, and there is a shortage of manpower to around. HI/R droids work to keep the resurgent society moving even if there aren't enough people to fill all the nooks and crannies. Droids typically handle the lowest end of labor and jobs, especially menial, repetitive, or customer service jobs. In other parts of the world, human cloning, forced reproduction, and other techniques are used to bolster the insufficient population base.

HI/R Droids and the Tycho Convention

The Tycho Convention is fairly clear on the issue of Robot Labor. If a person wants a job, they cannot be denied a job simply because there is a droid doing it. Robots are unpaid labor (though they do have maintenance and upkeep costs, plus a fairly high initial purchase price) and in the long run are almost always going to be more cost efficient than maintaining a biological workforce. After several high profile court cases, it was held that a company did not have to hire an organic to do a job a robot was doing if the organic in question was not capable of doing the job in question (Pears vs.Cyberdyne Systems, Pears was proven incapable of operating a thermal lathe in an argon atmosphere) or if the organic in question was not fitting with the image, product, or service being offered (Saunders vs. HustlerCorp, Saunders was a 55 year old woman wanting to work in a topless restaurant) (Kinkaide vs. Mrs.MuscleCo, Kinkaide was 300 pound man wanting to work in women's gym and bodybuilding facility).

HI/R Droids and Pediophobia

Pediophobia is a common concern in the Cosmic Era as many people dislike dealing with droids. The L-Type gynoid was designed with the common concerns and fears of technophobes, pediophobes, and gynophobes in mind. The L-Type is a weedy little machine and it's abilities in terms of strength, agility, and durability are very low. It is possible for an average man to overpower an L-Type, likewise for average women, and in cases of children, the gynoid can be overcome by 2-3 children. It has very passive programming, and if confronted with violence or danger it will attempt to remove itself from the situation. If the unit is unable to escape with harming itself or others it will sit down in, again, a passive position and either be silent, or will begin weeping. 

L-Type and Power Armor

It is fairly common for droids, having their own internal power supply, and human characteristics, to be able to use tools, weapons, and vehicles. The L-Type is purposely locked out of weapon use and cannot do anything more with a firearm than to pick it up and move it somewhere else. They also cannot use military vehicles, weapon systems, and the like. This is handled by a two prong method, simple inability in terms of no programming and in lock out programming. An L-Type programmed as a vehicle pilot could fly helicopters and hovercraft all day long. However if it identifies a craft as being military it will not attempt to operate the vehicle. This action is prohibited.

Home Jobs and Mods

The L-Type is a regular production gynoid, and there is no shortage of the model. There are new L-type series introduced every year, leaving a large number available to the public for relatively modest cost. It isn't all that uncommon for middle and upper income homes to have an L-Type housekeeper, maid, cook, or some other house attendant. 

Home modifications of the L-Type are common, with the most common by far being software updates and changes. Less common changes include modifying the chassis to accommodate aftermarket sex components, and modifications to the actual appearance of the unit. 'Skinning' is a practice where the standard outward bio-shell is removed (exposing the endoskeleton and internal components) and replaced with a custom made or aftermarket 'skin'. This can be as mundane as a race change, as the standard (Atlantic Federation) L-Type is caucasian female, being swapped for an Asian or African skin. Or it can be as radical as technically illegal celebrity/copies of real people skins, or swapping human for another race, such as elf, Pandoran, or some other fantasy/alien race.

There are several very illegal mods that can be done with the L-Type. These are broken down into two broad categories; militarization and smartbombing. A militarized L-type is simply an L-type that has been reprogrammed to handle and use weapons and drive military vehicles. Most overcome their design weaknesses by wearing armor designed for humans. The second involves opening up a unit and filling it with explosives to make it a walking suicide bomb, or smart bomb. Both are class A felonies.

Inspired partially by a niche in the Cosmic Era but the Lion's share comes from Flo in the Progressive Insurance Commercials. She is the stereotype for the L-Type Gynoid. Female appearing but asexual, constantly bubbly and perky personality and constant awareness of product and product placement in a genial and light hearted manner.

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