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The Khawarezmians live on a rocky jungle peninsula which is covered almost entirely by incredibly thick, primordial jungle, filled with strange things which are not seen anywhere else, throwbacks to a time when jungles such as this covered the entire world, and were filled with the magic of the Outer World.

The Khawarezmian jungle is also very lacking in a resource which is extremely common in lands north of it in Ageratos proper- iron. The Khawarezmians ration what iron they have for very special purposes. For many things such as armor and weapons, the Khawarezmians do not use iron, instead using the pliant yet strong bone of a gigantic beast of the deep jungle known as the Root Behemoth.

To make paperswords, the Khawarezmians take splintery sheets of the bones of the Root Behemoth, and, through special processes, pare them down to paper-thin, translucent sheets (hence, papersword), gluing them together into bone-yellow blades of extremely thin bone. These swords are extremely light and fast to the hand, but they are also fragile, and used as slashing weapons rather than as blocking tools.

Magic/Cursed Properties
None. This is in the Special Weapons, Non Magical thread.

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