Tale of the Key of the Gods
Legend has it that since the beginning of the world, the gods have watched over us. But like humans, they too are flawed biengs, subject to jealousy, petty thoughts, violence, betrayal and even murder of their fellow gods. A prime example of the imperfection of the Gods is in Goli, a minor god of falseties. Goli, bieng fairly weak in terms of a god, was often the victim of scorn, and his own jealousy grew of the other gods and their great abilities. Now, Goli divised a plan which he thought would show to the other gods his power of sway over the mortal realm. Goli crafted a key made of gold and silver, and he sent it to the mortal world, and hid it far away where it could not see the light of day. Then, he sent a whisper to the far corners of the world; a whisper, telling rumors of a key which, once it opened the heart of a man, would give that man power equal to that of a god. And the entire world did stir in search for this key, but none could find it - it was too well hidden! But Goli showed the gods what a stir he had made with but a key and a whisper, and the gods were humbled. And to this day, the Key has yet to be found. It still lies out there somewhere, hidden away from mortal eyes. It is said that the moment a human lays eyes on this key, they will know it for what it is.


What no human knows

The Key
The Key of the Gods does exist. Although, it is not a key. It is a dagger intricately wrought with silver and gold. To 'Open the heart of man' and gain the powers of the dagger, someone must stab the dagger into their own heart; risking death eternal on the chance that the tales are true and that they will gain the omnipotent power.

The Truth
The Dark God of Falseties known as Goli was weak for a god, and he knew it. Quietly, he loathed the other gods for their powers. However, he had a plan - Humans were the key. Latent in the humans was a power that was to come out over millenia with their natural evolution. If Goli were able to possess the body of a human, he could jumpstart that evolution and, added to his own godly powers, would become powerful enough to overthrow the other gods. However, as with all gods, Goli was unable to engage physical interaction with a human as per divine law set down at the beginning of the universe. After aeons of plotting and planning, Goli found a loophole in that it was possible for gods to be forced INTO interaction by humans. As such, using his powers of rumor and here-say, Goli sent the legend of the Key of the Gods across the lands. He then crafted the dagger which was the key, sent the dagger to its hiding place and, taking a risk, imprisoned himself INSIDE the dagger.
Goli hid the dagger so well that even when the Gods realised his plans, they simply could not find this dagger!

The gods realised the danger of Goli's plan, so they did the next best thing they could - they listened to the world. Anyone who had decided in their hearts that they would seriously seek out the Key of the Gods was sent a terrible curse by the gods. Since the gods simply cannot smite the humans - due to the same celestial law that made Goli unable to possess one - They did everything else within their powers to attempt to stop whoever sought out the key. Mythical creatures - normally shy or uncaring of humans and rarely seen in the world - would actively seek out and attempt to hinder or even kill the seekers. Quirks of fate seemed to make the Seekers the unluckiest persons ever to live, and their roads always seem to be blocked by hard-travelled terrain, fresh mud, jagged rocks or any number of other things.
This on top of the normal trials and tribulations of adventuring - thieving scoundrels, shoddy maps, greedy royalty, misdirection and so forth - makes searching for the Key of the Gods almost a Taboo subject to those who have tried. If you look for the Key of the Gods, Bad luck will befall you!

Magical/Cursed Properties
- This dagger is very durable, but apart from its superior design and materials, it acts very much like any dagger should - unless the metal of the blade strikes a human heart.

- If the Key of the Gods penetrates a human heart, the stricken WILL be granted the power of the gods in a literal sense. Their body WILL survive the stab and heal very quickly. However - The God of Falseties, Goli, will be forced into the body of the human, and the mind and soul of the human will be forced into the dagger. Thus the body of the stabbed person becomes the physical form of the god, Goli.

- The longer Goli has inside the body of the human, the more powerful he will become as he both grows used to it, and evolves it. As such, if the worst were to happen It would be wise to attack Goli as soon as possible because before long, he would be too powerful to approach.

- The enchantment of the dagger is simply a soul-swapping trick. If the human Goli were to be stabbed by the dagger in the heart again, Goli would be forced back in the dagger and the human back into his body.

- If the dagger stabs a human anywhere else, it will simply act as a normal dagger.

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