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Karnan are large semi-aquatic creatures that favor river deltas, but can be found in swamps and rivers.

The Body covered by its 'shell' (which is actually a thick hide rather than a hard shell) is usually a meter to a meter and a half in length (three to five feet), with the width being two thirds the length. Its long flexible neck is normally about a meter long. Its four long flexible legs, ending in strong webbed claws, are normally half a meter in length. The weight averages around 200kgs (450 lbs).

Because it looks something like a turtle, people expect it to be slow. On land, it can 'sprint' for short distances faster than a buck or other forest herd creature. It is faster than an alligator or hippo in the water (in the sprint). Its general speed is a bit slow in comparison to its prey or other animals (but still faster than a human). They are known for suprise strikes with their long necks from under the water.

The long neck and large rows of teeth make a Karnan bite quite dangerous. It's flexible neck allows it to hold its prey in its strong claws, then take bites out of it. Its dietary habits are much like a bears, meat when it can get it, plants when it can't.

The shell of dense hide, rather than a thin bonelike shell, is a good thumb length in thickness. It is used as armor for some native peoples who do not use metal, and cookwear by others (waterproof and such).

Additional Information
A good use for Karnan is eating them before they eat you, your horse, or your dog.

Karnan Fricassee with Wine

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